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Why Hire an Attorney After an Accidental Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are one of the fatal injuries you can suffer. Unlike other injuries, the effects can be extensive and lead to subsequent healthcare concerns such as loss of vision, hearing, communication, and motion. Accidental brain injuries arise from sudden blows to the head or from other sources such as accidental medical moves.

Regardless of the source, they can be extensive, long-lasting, and sometimes permanent; hence you need to get the best compensation for such injuries. An attorney can be crucial in determining the compensation levels; therefore, you must select the right one to represent you.

Hire an Attorney

Protect your legal rights

Every party is quick to point fingers at the other party whenever an accident occurs. Liability denial is common amongst top organizations. Brain injuries can lead to high compensation; hence hospitals and insurance companies will prefer to avoid responsibility and liability. The hospital will call you for a non-disclosure agreement to avoid damaging their reputation, while the insurance company will try to blame you for the accident to avoid paying.

In such moments, you need someone with the power to take on these giants; that is why you need to consult the best law firms today. If the responsible parties deny the liability and responsibility for your injury, consult Abels & Annes P.C Law firm today. They will argue your case, restore your rights and ensure the parties responsible pay for the damages.

The attorney knows the statutes, legal framework, and practice conduct; hence they can take on the insurance companies and hospitals and get you the compositions. Hospitals and insurance companies will take advantage of your legal illiteracy and inexperience to undercompensate you or deny the damages. With the help of an attorney, you will get the best compensation.

Brain injuries can occur in different ways

Accidental brain injury can arise from various sources. You need a seattle brain injury lawyer who understands the sources of these injuries and knows the right lawsuits and statutes related to such injuries. Accidental injuries can arise from car accidents, medical malpractices, defective systems, and other causes.

You need an attorney to establish all these causes and the correct liability procedures. The lawyer will know who to sue for the damages and the implications of suing the parties to get you the best compensation.

You need someone in charge of communications and preparations

Suppose you have to be in the hospital longer or the nature of the injuries requires less stress; you need someone in charge of all the arrangements, communications, and preparations of the evidence for the lawsuit. The lawyer will communicate with the insurance companies and hospitals and update you about the lawsuit's progress. If you cannot make it to the settlement negotiations or court trials, you need someone to represent you. A lawyer will work to ensure your interest and needs are communicated effectively.

The attorney will also be responsible for other roles such as filing the lawsuit, collecting evidence, and tracking your expenses since the injury. You need sufficient evidence, such as brain scans, to argue the case. They will also ensure you file the case in time according to the legal guidelines in the country.

Hire an Attorney

The lawyers know the pains and loss you have suffered

There are many conditions you may suffer due to brain injuries, and you may not be aware of all of them. Therefore, you need a lawyer aware of the other subsequent damages. The lawyer will ensure the compensation covers the past, current, and future medical expenses due to the injury. The lawyer will also focus on the loss of income. These are the damages due to extensive brain damage that may affect your ability to work or perform your job efficiently. The lawyer will also argue the damages to your future income and business if you have any.

The lawyer will focus on pain and suffering damages which are the physical and emotional traumas due to the injury you have suffered. Pain and suffering do not have receipts or paper evidence, but the attorney can argue and get you good compensation based on the pain and suffering. Finally, the attorney will argue for compensation to the family if the breadwinner becomes incapacitated.

After proving all this damage, the lawyer will argue for the exact values and costs of the damages. The lawyer will have to hire valuation experts in career, medical and other industries to describe the value of the loss to ensure you are compensated fairly.

Hire an Attorney

When to settle or go to trial

The decision to settle or go to trials can sometimes be confusing, primarily if you represent yourself. The attorney will always be aware of why and when to do so. The attorney will ensure that your decision will generate the desired value and the proper compensation. Most will settle because trials are long, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Corporates such as hospitals and insurance firms also have the best attorneys; hence they can influence the trials, and if you win, they can influence the levels of compensation you get. Sometimes settling is the best option, but the attorney must decide that.

Hire an Attorney


While hiring an attorney, the most significant focus should be on their experience in handling brain injury cases. You need the best attorney for communications, case filing, settlement arguments, and other critical decisions you cannot make alone. Your attorney has your best interest; hence their job will be to argue in your defense and ensure you maximize the compensation.

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