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Effect of Herd Immunity On Flu-Related Pandemics

Humanity is not immune to natural crises as over thousands of years, at different times throughout history, serious illness causing mild to severe symptoms, including death, has unfortunately struck societies all over the world, causing catastrophic casualty of life.

We have up until this point been pretty fortunate but over the past two decades, we have been met with pandemics that shook the world’s health care system. However, we are facing a far more threatening enemy that has not only exposed the flaw in the current healthcare system but is set to cripple it if the problem becomes uncontrollable.

The Novel Covid-19, although not as notorious as its predecessors, SARS & MERS, that brought the world to a standstill, is still being thoroughly researched and closely monitored to better understand the genetics of this strain. With the unprecedented spread rate, it has brought global trade to the barest minimum, thus bringing economies to their knees as they scramble to orchestrate a plan to protect their progress.

Things can only get worse as it takes longer to find the information we need in order to win against the invisible enemy wreaking havoc in our lives and disrupting the stability of our society.

With that in mind, we have heard of cases where babies are showing up positive with Covid-19, and today the first cat was tested positive. This is an isolated incident where a pet owner who had symptoms passed it to their cat. There has been no sign or cause to believe that cats can pass the virus to humans but this remains closely watched.

Covid-19 has proven to be less fatal to young and healthy people as we have seen them recover, however, the reverse is the case for the elderly (>60) and those struggling with prior medical conditions. We want to protect this vulnerable group with “Herd immunity”.

What is Herd Immunity?

In layman terms, this is when the bulk of the populace is immune to an infection either through recovery from previous infection or Vaccination, so as to protect the vulnerable ones. In an unfortunate event with the novel Covid-19, vaccination is not an option, because there is no vaccine at the moment.

Due to minimal testing kits and required equipment, we are stuck with limited options as most people are recommended to go home and rest to recover. The estimated numbers for Covid-19 needs to reach approximately 60% of a given population before we assume Herd Immunity. If you are not interested or don’t want to risk the herd immunity approach, it’s best to just practice safe social, or physical distancing.

What Role Does Social Distancing Play?

To flatten the curve, it is best to keep social distance (Isolation), but this contradicts the whole idea of “Herd Immunity” Indeed, about that, we do not fully understand the virus hence nothing is certain.

The better approach will be to flatten the curve by ensuring the younger/stronger ones recover from it (inevitable) without necessarily spreading it. This will reduce pressure on the healthcare system to eventually eradicate the virus or give us enough time to prepare a vaccine.

The complete story…

Recovering from a virus we do not fully understand can be tricky and if we’re being honest -- it is a gamble. But whatever be the case, there are things you can do to better prepare your body and build a robust immune system so you’re able to defend yourself from these unknown viruses. Here are some things that should help:

Take Supplements
Supplements do not directly improve your performance (metabolism) instead they boost your immune system which in turn is responsible for the overall performance of your health. There are a number of supplements out there but here are some you should give priority: Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, probiotics, etc. These are frequently used in immune support supplements as they have a proven history of successfully promoting strong immune support health. For example, zinc supplements like L-Optizinc have many benefits, such as having high antioxidant potency and offering effective cell protection against free radical attack.

Chill on The Smoke
To maintain a healthy respiratory system, it is always rewarding to avoid smoking as it damages organs that are vital to your respiratory health. Smokers are liable to have health complications or die young for a number of reasons, chief of which is: A damaged lung will forsake you not because it wants to, rather you did not let it.

Nourishing Diet Helps
Like an engine, without gas it’s dead. So is our system without food. But it does not stop there, the kind of nutrients you are consuming matters as well. Eat more greens, take natural homemade meals and minimize processed foods with toxins and carcinogens.

Does this seem like too big of a change? A tiny bit, maybe. But would you rather be hooked to a ventilator that does all your breathing for you or improve your health and increase your chances of fighting diseases?

Stay Hydrated
For optimal performance, you need to stay hydrated with water and electrolyte drinks. Now more than ever, you should drink water first thing in the morning and before bed at night. Take it up a notch by adding electrolytes. Fresh juice and tea contain these electrolytes. If possible avoid carbonated and sugar-filled drinks which are known to have negative health effects.

With that said...

While expecting the worst, we can only hope things get better. As the world becomes more connected, flu-related pandemics are likely to increase. The best we can do to remain healthy is ward off habits that put ourselves and family at risk.

We have never been faced with a choice like this and nobody really has the answer. We know the negative impacts it can have for the elderly and that should be reason enough to think twice about freely spreading germs around.

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