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Top Herbs & Natural Treatment for
Canine Pain Relief

It doesn’t matter how active you keep your canine friend. There will be times when they will suffer from pain, especially joint pain and arthritis. When this happens, and you realize that your dog is in pain, you will undoubtedly rush to the veterinary!

There, you will most likely be given relatively strong drugs/medicine. You will have to administer your canine friend things like anti-inflammatory drugs and so on. Those can be beneficial for relieving pain, but not for the overall health of your pet.

As such, in today’s article, we’ll take a close look at herbs and natural treatments that do wonders when it comes to canine pain relief.

Why Choose Natural Treatment and Herbs?

We mentioned that most drugs that veterinaries recommend are not ideal for the pets’ health. Here’s what these drugs, usually referred to as NSAIDs, can cause:

  • Chronic dry eye
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Gastritis or digestive upset
  • Kidney toxicity
  • Joint damage – yes, statistics show that drugs meant for arthritis can worsen your pet’s arthritis.
  • Liver damage

Given the above, it is needless to justify why it would be better to try the following herbs and natural treatments for canine pain relief instead.


This particular herb is ideal for therapeutic use at an internal level. You can add roughly 2.5 grams of dried comfrey per 500 grams of dog food. Your canine friends could also experience significant pain relief if comfrey leaf is used to make a poultice. 

Keep in mind that comfrey shouldn’t be used if your dog is pregnant, lactating, or suffering from kidney diseases. 


Believe it or not, both THC and CBD can improve the wellbeing of your pet. Products based on CBD can help with mild pain and overall well-being. On the other hand, THC products like Delta 8 THC can do wonders for more severe pain.

Don’t worry about any potential side effects. Such products were found to be fit to treat various pain-related conditions in both humans and pets! 


This is another plant that can be used to treat arthritis. On top of that, it also comes with highly-efficient anti-inflammatory properties. Licorice can be administered to dogs via tinctures or teas. 

It is advised that you don’t give your dog licorice for more than two weeks at a time.


This particular herb reportedly does wonders for pain relief and inflammations. It also comes with antioxidant properties. The most significant advantage is that you can buy turmeric in your good old grocery store.

After that, simply grate it over food. However, for better absorption, you should combine it with black pepper.

Keep in mind that, for treatment with turmeric, you must not use cooking turmeric. Also, be careful to keep it away from clothing or carpets as it will stain them with a bright yellow color!

The Bottom Line

There are times when your canine friend will be in desperate need a drug that is recommended by the veterinarian. However, it is always better to inquire about any natural herbs and treatments that you can use after drug treatments.

Such natural treatments, if applied regularly, can drastically improve the wellness of your pet. Overall, this will make your canine friend a bit jumpier and will naturally make all their pain go away!

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