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Hemp and CBD Hemp Flower –
Everything You Need To Know

hemp and cbd hemp flower

What’s the deal with Hemp?

If you are even remotely invested in the world of politics or that of marijuana and the whole legality aspect of it; chances are you have probably heard of a certain cannabis strain called ‘hemp’. Ring any bells?

So, what’s the deal with this strain? Well, you can think of this strain as the ‘good sibling’ of marijuana. Both marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis family. And, while marijuana has always raised eyebrows due to being a psychoactive plant, hemp has been for decades, appreciated for being a highly versatile crop.

This crop has a rich history of applications across myriad industries. For decades, it has gone into the manufacturing of textiles, paper, clothing, and countless other merchandise. What makes this crop so interesting and powerful comes from the fact that practically every single part of it can be used towards something.

On top of that, it’s incredibly easy to grow and cultivate. It requires minimal care and maintenance with almost no need for pesticides. That’s part of the reason many farmers find it a highly lucrative crop to grow and sell.

Smokable hemp flower

CBD hemp flower, which is one of the parts of this plant, happens to be a smokable herb. And the reason why people should prefer this flower over any other smokable substances is that the flower of CBD doesn’t carry any more than 0.3% THC content (the cannabinoid that renders mild-altering properties).

This smokable hemp flower happens to be rich in CBD or cannabidiol, which is another cannabinoid that has no psychoactive properties. CBD hemp flower is, therefore, an excellent alternative for people who want to quit smoking cigarettes or other harmful substances without getting the much dreaded ‘high’.

Depending on the quality of CBD hemp flower, one may feel more relaxed and zen-like that resembles a more meditative state. The fact that CBD hemp flower could help smokers kick away this habit and lead a better life should be a good reason to promote this crop. It is, in fact, gaining growing popularity by the day which is a good thing.

This and several other industrial implications of hemp and hemp flower are bringing this once frowned upon plant into a whole new positive light, and rightly so.

What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

It’s not just the CBD, but cannabis plant, in general, is also becoming progressively mainstream with each passing day. And, there are many good reasons for that. To start off, it’s important to understand that CBD is just many of the cannabinoids that both hemp and marijuana strains carry. But, unlike THC, CBD or cannabidiol doesn’t cause ‘high’. In fact, it’s used to make salves, tinctures, creams, lotions and so much more because of its soothing nature. Some people even say that CBD makes them feel more relaxed.

In simpler terms, CBD doesn’t carry any negative effects like marijuana. The world is waking up to this kind of information; thanks to the ongoing research in the medical industry.

Some other products that come from CBD Hemp Flower

  • Tincture
    A tincture is basically any herbal extract in highly concentrated form which makes it quite potent. CBD tincture is carefully extracted from hemp and the entire process can often take weeks. A popular substance used during the extraction process is alcohol. Since it’s free from THC, CBD tincture will not yield any mind-altering properties making it safe for usage.
  • Creams
    Creams come in the health and beauty industry. CBD hand creams are again extracted from hemp oil and hemp extracts which eventually come from the flower since it is rich in cannabidiol. These hand creams are supposed to offer a highly concentrated form of amino acids. Therefore, many beauty companies may brand their products for their ability to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Hand Lotions
    Much like hand creams, lotions made from hemp oil also tend to supply a good amount of amino acids. This may render the product the ability to offer excellent moisturizing properties.
  • Hemp CBD Powder
    Over the years, due to the growing popularity of CBD and hemp, a lot of the nutrition experts have started classifying hemp as a ‘superfood’. It’s supposed to be high in protein and fiber. Hemp is also supposed to be a rich source of healthy fats. Hemp is particularly popular among people who lead a vegan lifestyle.

    But, CBD powder is a little different from that. It’s also referred by the name of ‘hemp isolate’. This powder is supposed to be CBD in the purest, most concentrated form. Some sellers supply it as being ‘99% pure CBD concentrate’. A common way for people to consume CBD powder is to mix it up with smoothies and juices.

  • CBD Capsules
    Capsules are supposed to be the most convenient and popular way of ingesting this substance. Since each capsule comes pre-dosed, users are sure of the exact amount they are consuming leaving no room for inaccurate doses.
  • Tea and Coffee
    It’s basically an herbal tea brewed with an infusion of CBD powder or crushed CBD flower.

Final Thoughts

The 2018 Farm Bill has legalized hemp farming. That means hemp is officially treated as an agricultural commodity. The passing of the farm bill is not only giving the farmers the freedom to cultivate and sell this crop, but it has also given consumers the freedom to buy CBD products with much more confidence than ever before.

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