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Healthy Wellness Shakes

Healthy Shakes

By Indy Summers

How to rev up your health with shakes and smoothies
Like it or hate it, generally, shakes and smoothies are part of the eat healthy and get fit trend. But are they really healthy? Can they be healthy? Are they a mere fad, or can they be part of a nutritious diet? What do the experts say?

Mix it up!
According to Dietician Ryan Andrews, a registered dietician and food author, interviewed for Time it all depends upon what you put into a smoothie or shake. If you're adding mostly fruit, sugars and a bit of milk or yogurt, then you aren't really doing yourself a favor, and would probably be better off eating the plain fruit, which at least has a decent level of fiber.

However, Andrews says, that if you add vegetables, nut butter, coconut meat, and protein powder, then a shake can turn into a nutritious, partial-meal.

Along the same vein, The adds that good and healthy smoothies and shakes, as opposed to store-bought, which are full of sugars and calories, have the several key ingredients such as:

  • Have low or non-fat dairy
    Definitely, not ice cream or full-fat yogurt.
  • Have plenty of ice in them
    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found people who drink more dense smoothies and shakes felt much fuller after drinking a thicker drink, even if the addition of ice added no calories.
  • Are packed with whole fruit, not fruit juice
    If you use too much fruit juice, you are adding calorie-dense food with most of the fiber eliminated from it. Use whole, cut-up fruit.
  • Have plenty of veggies in them
    Unlike store-bought, with rarely have veggies in them, be sure to add kale or spinach to your drink.
  • Are loaded with Omega 3s
    Be sure and add flaxseed to your smoothie or shake.
  • Have healthy fat in them
    To sustain the feeling of fullness, consider adding either a half an avocado or add a tablespoon of nut butter. Just be sure not to overdo on the fat if you are trying to reduce calories. Acid reflux may be an issue with avocados - learn more here: does avocado cause heartburn?
  • Avoid extra sugar
    Add a little coconut milk if you need a bit of added sweetness. But avoid adding the dreaded "S" word, sugar.

Finally, The Huffington Post adds to the question, how do you make green shakes and smoothies without having them taste like grass?

The answer lies in food combinations that mask the strong taste of greens by adding...

  • Peanut butter
  • Mint chocolate
  • Bananas and berries
  • Pineapple, lime and coconut

Alternate forms of nutrition
In addition to traditional foods, some people like to mix in ingredients of CBD Oil (consider googling Thrive Skin Review) to their smoothies, to supercharge the smoothies they take in the morning.

Make them yourself
The one, almost universal rule, presented by dieticians and health food experts everywhere, is to make shakes and smoothies yourself. It is only in this way that you are sure you are not getting extra sugars or extra calories.

Take them with food
Another thing to consider is not to consider smoothies or shakes substitutes for a meal. Many people cheat themselves out of a healthy diet by assuming that they can use a smoothie or a shake as a substitute for a meal.

Now and then, that's okay, but you won't really lose any extra weight by taking your smoothies alone, and in fact, you may be harming yourself by priming your appetite.

Instead, try having a smoothie or shake with a couple of egg whites, or perhaps two pieces of bacon, together with a slice of toast.

This way, you'll get in enough calories that you won't feel hungry between meals.

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