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Having a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 40s
— Benefits, Risks and What to Expect

Current trends are such that women are in no hurry to marry and give birth. The educational process, career, travel, social interactions and procreation is postponed until later. And, closer to 40 years old, many are beginning to realize that the biological clock is ticking - the time has come. Experts say that the chances of having a baby by the age of 40 are much lower than they were even a few years ago. But, despite this, women in age become pregnant, if not naturally, then with the help of treatment and the use of reproductive technologies.

At the Center for human reproduction of the Clinic of professor Feskov A.M. they will do everything possible so that a woman, even after 40 years, becomes a mother. In vitro fertilization (IVF), donation of genetic material, surrogacy - a variety of guaranteed programs for any case, will ensure a successful result!

Healthy Pregnancy

Fertility and age of a woman

On the ability to become pregnant age has a tremendous impact: the higher it is, the more difficult it is to conceive. Even a couple of years matters. About 74% of women 30 years old will be able to do this after a year of constant attempts. Unlike 44% of those over 40. At the same time, in 41 the chances of conceiving are higher than even in 43.

This is due to the number and quality of eggs, since the woman is born with an already established supply of germ cells, which is not replenished. On average, there are 300 to 500 thousand. Of these, 13 thousand are lost monthly. By the middle of the third dozen, about 25 thousand oocytes remain and only 50% of the remaining ones will be healthy, without chromosomal problems, and by the middle of the fourth - there will be only 2%. In addition, the eggs of an old woman are not subject to fertilization to the same extent as the young oocytes. Plus, the partner’s sperm status also matters. With an increase in the man’s age, she also gets older, her quality decreases, and more genetic defects appear.

According to experts, after 40 years, the birth rate falls sharply. Even using assisted reproduction, for example, IVF, success rates in young people are higher than in older people. But in the clinic of professor Feskov A.M. focus on innovation, plus standard treatment. Therefore, only the best germ cells of both partners are selected, the quality of the resulting embryos is determined by TimeLapse technology, genetic screening is performed by the PGD / NGS method for monogenic diseases, and the highest quality embryo is transplanted into the uterine cavity during IVF. That guarantees the success of almost any case.

At Woman's Health Centers, we're always looking for ways to better provide growing needs to our community.

Benefits of pregnancy after 40 years

However, such a pregnancy has its advantages:

  1. Experience. Older parents have already lived "for themselves", have seen the world, have received different life experiences, have seen each other in different circumstances, have become more confident.

  2. Wisdom. Women over 40 have more wisdom, patience, attention, emotional stability than young people. They also have more knowledge and ability to make smart decisions. They more often use breastfeeding and more monitor the healthy nutrition of their children.

  3. Financial security. As a rule, older parents have already built a career and have a financial stability. What will ensure peace and security of the future child.

According to studies, the older a woman, the healthier and better developed her baby is up to 5 years. Because parents are more attentive, patient and careful about their long-awaited child.

What are the risks?

Consider the complications and possible health risks separately for mom and baby.

So, for mom:

  • spontaneous abortion. Due to age, the risk of miscarriage is growing exponentially. In patients younger than 30 years old - this is 12%, over 35 years old - 25%, at 40 years old - already 34%, and in 45 - all 53%;
  • ectopic pregnancy in patients closer to 40 occurs 5-8 times more often than in younger ones. Most likely, this is due to chronic infections and obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • multiple pregnancy carries a risk for both the mother and the fetus due to the great burden on the body;
  • gestational diabetes occurs mostly (4-6 times more often) in women after 40;
  • hypertension (increased pressure) - the diagnosis of older pregnant women, that may lead to the failure of the kidneys and other vital organs;
  • risk of complications from chronic medical problems, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels increases. This entails hospitalization, earlier delivery, the operation "caesarean section", the probability of which increases by almost half.

However, if you follow the advice and recommendations of doctors, be under medical supervision and conduct the necessary examinations in time, these risks can be minimized.

Advices for future 40-year-old moms

To increase your chances of a normal pregnancy and childbirth:

  1. The most important stage is the visit to the doctor and a full medical diagnosis of health to make sure there are no diseases or infections that may interfere with conception. This applies to both partners. Timely and competent treatment will immediately increase the chances. If the problem is only in the age and deterioration of the quality of oocytes, sperm, you can use the advanced technologies of ART (donation, “in vitro fertilization”, surrogate mother services), which provide 100% pregnancy.
  2. After the first signs of pregnancy, you need to pass an ultrasound scan to make sure the fetus correct location.
  3. Come on time for scheduled examinations and conduct fetal genetic screenings (cell-free blood test for embryo DNA, ultrasound, analysis of amniotic fluid, etc.). Some of the examinations are carried out only with the consent of the mother, as they can harm the child. Follow all medical prescriptions.
  4. Lead the right way of life, eat balanced, give up bad habits, do not forget about vitamins. Folic acid is a priority.
Healthy Pregnancy

Some compare a natural pregnancy after 40 to buying a lottery ticket - what if you're lucky? But the natural chances of this are very small. Team of the Center for human reproduction of the Clinic of professor Feskov A.M. doesn't rely on happy accident, but works clearly, diligently and cohesively so that anyone can proudly say that they have become a parent!

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