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How Having a Healthy Home
Results in a Healthy Mind

Your home is where you will spend most of your time, especially after retiring from work. This means it has the potential to affect your mental wellbeing if it is not a place that cultivates positivity and warmth. When you wake up every morning, you want to feel inspired by your surroundings, and supported by them if anything were to go wrong. A home isn’t only made up of the walls and windows of your house, but the relationships you have built there over the years. Just like if any other part of your life would affect you if it was thrown out of balance, your home would too, so make sure you take note of how you can keep your home and your mind healthy.

Natural light

Having a good source of Vitamin D all year round has shown immeasurable benefits to people’s mental health, which means if you live somewhere that doesn’t maximize natural light, you will be seeing much less of it than those who live in a place that does. In fact, there have been links made between Vitamin D deficiency and Depression, so if you can, try and direct as much natural light into your home as possible. Investing in wider windows, a light color palette, mirrors, and UV rich lighting are all things that can help.

A clean space

Equally, having a clean living space does wonders for stressful minds. A cluttered home has been shown to contribute to a cluttered mind, which is why you always feel good when you have finished a large cleaning task, as it may be a weight off your shoulders. If you don’t have the time or the stamina to deep clean your home, make sure you keep on top of it every day, or enlist the help of a trusted carpet cleaner like Technicare to make your carpets clean and plush again.

Household pets

Many families have a household pet or few over the years, and they can provide an excellent source of happiness and excitement to someone’s life. When you have retired, it could be that your children have moved away to start a new life elsewhere, which is where pets are a great way of combating any loneliness and depression that creeps up when you don’t expect it.

Good relationships

Your house will have seen you through some important life events, but it is not a home until you have the strong and loving relationships kept under its roof. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with those you love the most, this can lead to tensions and inner turmoil. Going out of your way to cultivate a positive environment for relationships to flourish in will help keep your worries at bay.

Your bedroom

Making your whole house into a haven can be difficult, but the one place that should epitomize relaxation should be your bedroom. The more you sleep, the healthier your mind is, as it can reduce stress and irritability. Having calming essential oils, glowing candles, and soft bed covers are all ways you can induce a positive mindset from the comfort of your bed.

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