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Healthy Alternative Supplements to
Add to Your Routine

Finding alternatives to traditional medicines is a much sought-after goal. There are many reasons why people want to add more naturally occurring supplements to their daily routine. It could be an allergic reaction, a risk of complication, or the old-fashioned desire to be more authentic.

Whatever the reason you have, there are options out there to help. They can aid in promoting healthy skin, heart health, mental health, and combinations of all the bodily functions. Here are some health supplements to put into your daily routine.

Fish oil

This one is a lot more popular than many alternative choices because it's so effective. With proven benefits for skin quality, hair health, heart health, and a range of functions that support the body, fish oil is amazing for anyone who wants a well-rounded supplement. Fish oil is easily consumable, as it comes in liquid or capsule form and is easily ingestible. The many fatty freshwater fish, and some saltwater fish, contain omega 3s and 6s (two essential fats), which our body doesn't produce naturally. Adding this to your routine will help improve your overall health.


CBD falls into a similar category as fish oil because of its wide-ranging properties. It can help with nausea, lowering blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and your appetite. From capsules, topicals, and capsules, it's very diverse. CBD is a naturally forming chemical that originates from the marijuana plant, but it doesn't function in a similar manner, i.e., it's not psychoactive.

Ginkgo biloba

This ancient species of tree is native to China, and its leaves and seeds are the focus of traditional medicine. The benefits it possesses are essential as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and helps with circulation. This simple tree is surprising because of these wondrous benefits for two of the body's most important organs - the heart and brain. It has another surprise - it has been shown to help aid in preventing dementia and other psychiatric disorders.

Bone broth

Bone broth is exactly what it sounds like - a broth made of bone. By brewing the bones of fish, chicken, and/or cows, the broth has an incredibly dense assortment of minerals and vitamins. Chiefly, people use bone broth to help with collagen production. Collagen is the protein that helps the bones and the skin remain strong through a series of protein blocks or amino acids. While bone broth might not sound that enticing at first, the combination of collage, magnesium, and calcium, along with its potential to help aid in joint health, makes it a shockingly unique alternative supplement.

Finding good alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines is becoming a lot easier, thanks to the Internet and the tireless research and effort to provide people with more knowledge of these vitamins, minerals, and various natural remedies. By adding these to your daily routine, you can help add some healthy improvements to your life in a few simple steps.

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