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How Healthcare Benefits from
Mobile App Development?

By Stephanie Donahole

Are you done and dusted while facing dull and monotonous waiting in the hall or long queues, showing desperation to get inside the doctor’s chamber? Well, I am sure you must have encountered such typical scenarios while paying a visit to a hospital. Fret not! It’s time to change the existing condition of the medical and healthcare industry.

Fortunately, the mobile app revolution has made its way to the healthcare industry, and it’s only the beginning of what’s possible. Say, for example, smartphone devices or mobile devices are seen creating a smooth communication channel between healthcare service providers and patients across the globe. This simply leads to better communication/coordination, improve diagnostic accuracy, and build a bridge of trust.

Despite such benefits, several healthcare providers are seen reluctant to integrate mobile phones and tablets into their day-to-day practice. One of the obvious reasons is being unwilling to change. Thankfully, certain providers are seen trending towards incorporating the latest technology for better standards and policies. Down below I would like you to get acquainted with certain advantages of using mobile devices in the healthcare industry.

#1 Offers Better Point-of-Care Coordination

Earlier, there was a time when a patient was discharged right after his or her initial treatment and stabilization. All he had to trust was prescriptions and instructions (includes test and other follow-up procedures) by a nurse. At this point, chances of poor communication product name ambiguities, and misunderstanding the product use instructions could easily come into play adversely impacting a patient’s health.

With time passing by, smartphone devices are seen changing the realm to a great extent. Doctors are now able to coordinate with their patients regarding diagnosis, medication and the follow-up process in a seamless manner. In addition to this, they can also monitor whether the patient has understood the instructions properly. The process between inpatient and outpatient care has been streamlined successfully.

#2 Data Flow Becomes Seamless

Healthcare industry has always been this complex, and with the continuous data flow between healthcare providers and patients, the situation is no longer easy to handle. This gave rise to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) - it simply lays down the rules of sharing medical information amongst institutions.

Mobile App development seems to be taking over things by making this complex ecosystem move information more efficiently. In the present scenario, data can move through the network faster with phones and tablets working as end-points. Gone are the days when you required worrying about misplaced papers, files, and folders. With the advent of mHealth interoperability has the potential to boost healthcare and improve overall provider and patient satisfaction.

#3 Patient Management

There was a time when healthcare providers had limited access to their patients and their data. Unfortunately, there was no way to monitor the effect of medicine and administer up-to-date remedies directly. Here mobile devices came into play.

Today, Phones, tablets, and wearables are being used to take regular vitals and keep logs on patients. Several patients can check themselves directly using mobile devices which can show how to administer a procedure. It may quite interest you to know that several healthcare providers can teach family members the different aspects of patient care using mobile communication apps. Improvement in the quality of care has been observed dramatically.

#4 Enhances Physician Efficiency

Did we mention, it’s easy? Definitely not! Highly functioning healthcare environment is a backbone of every efficient healthcare system. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), about sixty percent of Emergency Medicine doctors feel burned out. Professionals often have seen complaining about how many hours they require to spend on tasks like data entry and other administrative tasks.

#5 Accurate Diagnosis

Keeping track of patients manually using paper was a huge burden then, but now it’s no longer an issue. According to mHealth statistics 2016, 93% of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve a patient’s health. This has resulted in doctors and nurses able to keep accurate and descriptive notes, and fewer mistakes are made due to ineligible handwritings. With the help of a mobile app, you can run several automatic checks on prescriptions and decisions. As bedside tools, these devices are helping recognize the causes and symptoms of pathogens and infectious diseases faster.

The Healthcare Industry - Technology Has Moved Beyond the Basic

Evolved to handle much-complicated tasks, mobile apps are also found capable enough to tackle simple ones as well such as can control high-resolution imaging, real-time monitoring, and more high-level functions. Sooner or later, we will be able to see a significant change in the way of delivering medical assistance.

Author Bio:
Stephanie Donahole is working as a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft Australia, a custom software development company in Australia. She loves to write about technology innovation and emergence. Follow Her on Twitter.

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