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Healthcare at Any Time? There’s An App for That


By Maria Brown

According to recent studies, the numbers of Smartphone user are increasing at a rapid rate. Almost about 77% of the total population is now using a Smartphone in their daily lives. This data includes the increasing rate of Smartphone users in the age group of 50 to 64 (16%) and above 65 (12%). Following this trend, the uses of Healthcare mobile apps are also growing with the advancement of technology. Such apps are generally targeted for at keeping the health record of the users and provide insight for better health results.

Mobile App Development Company are now releasing various kinds of Fitness and Health category apps for masses of people who are very conscious of their healthy lifestyle. These apps have the potential to change health and healthcare promotion in the community. The number of total Healthcare Apps for Android released in the year 2012 was about 13,000 apps. This figure has now increased by a huge margin the present time.

Mobile app development services created many applications which cover many general topics like ophthalmology, diabetes, weight management, smoking cessation, asthma, colorectal diseases, pain management, depression, and child care. Some of these companies also created the Medication Log App for effective management of the medication for the patients. These health-related apps can easily generate more awareness in the general masses and provide assistance to the masses in changing their behavior related to faulty health behavior.

For the Professionals

Mobile app development Services for Healthcare category needs the help of the professionals involved in the medical services. With the help of these medical professionals, the information provided in the apps has now more credibility. With this information provided by these experts can help in creating more awareness in the masses. There are many services and companies who are now developing Apps for healthcare professionals to help them in their daily lives. With the help of these apps, doctors and nurses now can easily see the records of the patients they are about to treat.

There are many companies who aim to develop best Healthcare Apps which can be used by various professional doctors and nurses as point-of-care tools or reference material. This list includes various kinds of Pharmacists, dieticians, and nurses. There are many apps targeting healthcare professional that are available in the app stores. The use of apps has improved the healthcare conditions according to some studies conducted by reputed institutions. There many companies who are collaborating with various medical institutions for further improving the healthcare mobile apps trends.

There are many companies who are now also developing App for Medication List. These apps are very useful for both patients and for the professional pharmacist. These apps are specially designed for managing and assisting various tasks for medicine keeping. For the professional pharmacist, these apps give up-to-date and critical information related to various medicines. The database included in the apps gives detail information regarding interactions, uses and side effects of the medicine. These healthcare app features are used by the pharmacist to make effective decisions in an informed and safe manner. Some examples for Best Pill Reminder App 2019 for a professional pharmacist are LexiComp, Rx Shortages, iPharmacy, and MPR.

Within the Health and Fitness category, there are many categories of various types of healthcare apps for professionals that are now available in the market.

Additional Helpful Resources:

Clinical Reference Apps

This type of healthcare app is mainly designed for improving the care given to the patients by giving access to the clinical information to the professionals. Some examples for best healthcare apps 2019 include PubMed and Epocrates which are used by the medical student for the latest information about various diseases.

Public Health Apps

This app was designed to identify and track any disease in real time. This is done by collecting information by form various sources and analyzing the collected data.

For The Patients


There are many Healthcare Apps for Patients that are available in the app stores. These apps cover various topics. Some basic alignments can be identified and rectified by general masses with the help of sufficient information provided in the apps. With the increase of Android phones, there are many healthcare apps for android based Smartphone that is available in the apps. Due to seriousness about the impact of these apps, the FDA has strict mandatory certification for these apps.

The aim of the FDA is to have sufficient Android app development for Healthcare service to change any sorts of unhealthy behaviors in the country. According to the FDA, it is important to adopt an evenly balanced approach to medical mobile apps. This will support innovative ideas while ensuring the safety of both users and their personal medical details. Some examples of Best Medical Apps for Patients 2019 which are approved by the FDA are Mobile MIM, AliveCor, Gauss Pixel App, and AirStrip ONE.

There are various kinds of Healthcare Apps for Patients 2019 which covers different medical conditions. Each of these types has various uses and application. Some of them are mentioned below:

ER Apps

This category of healthcare apps for patients is developed to help them quickly to reroute them to the nearest and most cost-effective urgent care facilities. These apps contain information regarding direction, waiting period and insurance options.

Health lifestyle Apps

This category of Healthcare apps for consumers helps in increasing awareness regarding various medical lifestyle habits. This app is used in educating patients to keep them reminding about the appointments with the doctors. These apps also include pregnancy apps, exercise guides, fitness tracking, and healthy nutrition apps.

Medication apps

There are many Free Pill Reminder App available in the market which helps patients in maintaining the schedule of the medication they are prescribed by the doctors. These apps maintain the records by tracking time interval between dosages and meals to remind the patients for regular medicine intake. Some examples for Best Medication Reminder App 2019 are Dosecast, MedHelper, MyMeds, Medisafe, and PillPack.


In the present scenario, the Smartphone has become an integral part of the lives of human beings. Using the present technology for advancing health-related apps increases general awareness and helps in improving community health status.

Author Bio:
Maria Brown is Content Writer, Blogger and maintaining Social Media Optimization for 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the leading Android App Development Company in India and USA. She believes in sharing her strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. Follow me on @twitter.

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