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5 Unexpected Health Benefits You'll See if You Have Good Nutrition and Workout Regularly

Chances are if you asked any random group of people what kind of health benefits a nutritionally balanced diet, and a lifestyle which includes regular exercise bring, the majority would respond with answers such as weight control, and a reduced risk of developing major problems such as heart disease.

Of course, these are indeed two huge benefits of eating well and exercising wisely, and alone are well worth making the effort to improve an unhealthy lifestyle. However, there are also plenty of other, less immediately obvious, health benefits you can make the most of by doing nothing more complicated than investing some time and effort into creating a nutritionally rich eating plan, and finding a form of exercise you enjoy doing often enough to make a difference.

Before we look in more detail at just five unexpected health benefits that come from healthy eating and regular exercise, those terms need to be outlined in a little more detail...

What does ‘good nutrition’ actually mean?

In its basic form this means consuming foods which deliver the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, in the correct quantities, that the body needs for optimum health. A typical nutritionally balanced diet will include 5-7 pieces of (mostly) whole fruit and various coloured vegetables a day, whole grain carbs such as pasta, bread and rice, fish, meat such as poultry – or similar low calorie protein rich food like eggs, beans or tofu, low fat dairy products, and a small amount of ‘healthy’ fats like olive oil and nuts.

Salt and sugars are avoided or severely rationed, and things like herbs and spices can be used to liven up what may appear to be fairly plain food at times.

What does a good workout routine look like?

The term ‘working out’ may suggest high-intensity aerobic classes, or an hour sweating on the gym’s machinery, but it doesn’t have to be so regimented. Working out is really just another term for taking exercise, and so long as you choose an activity that raises your heartbeat, boosts your metabolism, and above all else that you actually enjoy doing, you will get many benefits.

This means that things like swimming, dancing, cycling, brisk walking, (with or without a dog), running, or even doing chores like vacuuming all count as working out. You can even mix and match the things you do to build up your exercise to at least two or three hours over a week. If you already pretty fit you can up the ante and exercise harder to achieve the maximum benefits. For more information on health and exercise take a look at Diet Fitness King.

Unexpected health benefit #1 – Less chance of serious illness

Good nutrition in the form of a balanced diet eaten in the correct portion sizes plays a huge role in reducing the risk of serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, some cancers, as well as high cholesterol, and joint problems. Many of these issues are linked to being heavy or obese, so eating healthily, exercising regularly, and reducing weight all play a surprisingly large role in improving your overall health.

Unexpected health benefit #2 – Better emotional health

Regular exercise which makes you feel good, along with health-giving food combine to seriously boost your mental health. They help you sleep better, have more energy, feel more positive and self confident, and reduce the risk of you becoming depressed, and stressed. You may be shocked to learn that a lot of these benefits come directly from reducing (or even eliminating) sugars – which are well known for triggering depression and other emotional upsets.

So ditch those sweetened drinks, cakes, cookies, chocolates and white starchy foods, and tuck into whole foods, lean meats, and fresh produce instead.

Unexpected health benefit #3 – Better skin

By eating well and exercising regularly you can reduce the risks or the effects of skin troubles such as wrinkles, spots, and sagging skin. Foods rich in vitamin C boost collagen, a natural substance which strengthens the skin by boosting its blood supply, while many fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants which reduce cell damage leading to age spots and wrinkles.

You can help protect yourself against skin cancer and other sun-related damage by upping the amount of natural antioxidants in your diet. One of the best for your skin is selenium, which is found in Brazil nuts, eggs, tomatoes and shellfish.

Exercise helps keep your skin looking healthy in several ways. For example, sweating is a great way to flush toxins from your system, the increased blood flow feeds extra nutrients to skin, and physical activity encourages sebum – which is nature’s moisturizer.

Unexpected health benefit #4 – Pregnancy is easier

This benefit is really worthwhile. Pregnancy and childbirth are tough on a woman’s body, so eating well and exercising sensibly from those pre-conception months onwards, through to the breastfeeding months that follow, gives baby the best possible access to health-giving nutrients that will help set them up for good health throughout life.

Unexpected health benefit #5 – Boosted energy levels

Once you ditch the fake energy boosts caffeine and chocolate offer you will find your body settles down and makes the most of the energy drawn from natural sources, like protein, whole grains and fruit. Alternating coffee with herbal and fruit teas helps avoid the caffeine spikes too much coffee brings.

You could also well find your energy levels are seriously boosted when you stop eating foods that make major organs like the intestines work sluggishly.

Anyone and everyone can enjoy these five unexpected health benefits of eating well and working out regularly, so don’t let anything hold you back. If you want to boost your health there’s nothing to stand in your way, so take it steady and make the changes that could well lead to long term health improvements.

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