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10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Keto

Keto meal

Diet - the one word that scares people before they even try it. It’s a New Year resolution for some, while for the others it’s a way of life. Low-carb, low-fat and weight-loss diets are some of the common ones. But unlike all these, a ketogenic diet focuses on fat, instead of protein. Interesting, isn’t it?

Why would you want to go on a diet that focuses on fat - what you have been trying to run away from in the first place? 

The keto diet re-engineers the body to run on ketone bodies (produced by the liver from stored fats), instead of relying on glucose that comes from carbohydrates. While burning fat with the help of other diets seems not so difficult, getting the liver to produce ketone is a complex process. Then why would you take the road less travelled and choose Keto over other diets? Let’s know about the unexpected health benefits of Keto:

Expect a surge in energy levels

At the beginning of the keto diet, it is very common for people to experience the “keto flu”, which is accompanied by fatigue, nausea and headache. But these symptoms are an indication that your body is going through a change. The change is the process of ketosis - producing energy from burning fats instead of burning glucose for energy. This switch burns more energy and leaves you feeling tired in the initial days. When your body gets accustomed to burning fat as fuel, you will have better endurance and increased energy levels.

It’s great for mental health

Research has shown that the keto diet leads to increased stability in neurons. This increases cognition and enhances memory. It’s also proved to be effective in psychological disorders like Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

It helps with Diabetes

What is the result of cutting down on carbs? Your sugar levels come down, reducing the risk of diabetes! When patients with diabetes are put on a Keto diet in the Diabetes Reversal Treatment, they have been found to lose about 12% of their body weight.

Say Hi to a healthy liver

No stored fat = a healthy liver. Since the stored fat is burnt down to produce energy for the body, it is highly recommended for people with a malfunctioning liver.

Your sleep cycle improves

As we talked about before, during the “keto” period, you may experience insomnia (lack of sleep), or hypersomnia (excessive sleep) due to the changes in bodily functions. But once your body gets used to ketosis you will be able to have a sound and fulfilling sleep cycle.

Bye-bye to food cravings

With a controlled blood sugar level, your cravings also remain controlled. You are most likely to eat healthier food since there is already a readily available source of energy- fats! This might also result in a low intake of food as well- which means intermittent fasting will just come easily to you.

Better heart health

A diet filled with fats is good for the heart? Sounds too good to be true. But this happens as an effect of the low blood sugar level, and controlled blood pressure. This is also due to the diminished intake of carbs.

Brainpower booster

Now that’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? As opposed to sugar, which is not a great brain booster, fats actually fuel the brain and make us much more active, physically and mentally!

Improved endurance

The Keto diet aims to use the muscle more, and glucose less. As the body gets used to ketosis, we feel a consistent and quick energy supply, which in turn improves our capacity and keeps us going even in tough times.

Stable vision

High blood sugar inevitably has an adverse effect on vision and increased risk for cataracts. As soon as the sugar level in the body drops, vision takes a hit.

The health benefits of keto make it look like the ideal exercise for all your bodily dysfunctions. But it’s not easy, and if done wrong, can have an adverse effect on your health. Therefore, we advise you to consult a doctor to understand if your body will take the diet positively before jumping into it. For some great thoughts on food and the philosophy behind it, you can also click here.

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