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Hani Zeini on How to Use Technology
to Create a Safe Work Environment
Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safe Work Environment

Entrepreneurs worldwide have had to face many new challenges when reopening their businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide spread of thisvirus has brought with it new experiences for all of humankind. While employees and managers feel anurge to get back to business as usual, new guidelines and practices require close attention to ensure a safe, low-risk return. In the wake of the pandemic, specific technological resources will assist you in reopening your firm.

According to Hani Zeini, you must ensure that your place of business is fully clean and sanitized.You must ensure it is properly equipped with all safety measures in mind. If you offer a support team to your employees, it will probably be easier for them to adjust to the new realities and emotional challenges they face during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Hani Zeini on understanding workplace safety

  • Depending on the nature of your work and your exposure risk, measures may be devised to protect workers. Hani Zeini suggests that frequent washing of hands with water and soap for at least twenty seconds is fundamental in curbing the spread of the virus. This practice should be followed by both employers and managers alike. In case water and soap are unavailable, one may use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Good respiratory etiquette must be practiced at all times. This encompasses covering your mouth while sneezing and coughing, always wearing a face mask, avoiding close contact with sick people, and staying at home if you are unwell. In addition to this, recognizing personal risk factors such as lung or heart disease and type 2 diabetes is vital because comorbidity can cause grave repercussions. These individuals are at higher risk for complications if they catch the virus.
  • There are specific interim guidelines for people who are at lower risk of exposure, explains Hani Zeini. Individuals whose jobs include less contact with other individuals have less of a risk of exposure in the workplace. These individuals must be aware of evolving community transmission statistics and must limit their exposure to the outside world. Employers must collaborate with their workers to design effective technological methods of communicating with other individuals, both within the workplace, and remotely.
  • For those at increased risk related to occupational exposure, the employer must ensurethat there are provisions in place for prompt identification and isolation of infected people as early as possible. Proper disinfection and cleaning of common workplaces are essential to limiting the spread. For this, routine cleaning is crucial. Employers must also provide proper training regarding safety measures to limit the risk sanitation workers face. The training must prepare workers with adequate information about the disease, as well as personal safety measures to combat the spread.

Role of technology

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce safety has become an essential aspect of many businesses. All organization managers want workers to work in conditions that are safe and healthy. You have to maintain a healthy work environment in order to ensure that your workers do not risk any exposure. Safe and healthy working conditions are the bare minimum conditions required for any industries' growth. As such, both employer and employee wellness become an essential aspect of any organization.

There is no doubt that organizations should dedicate technological tools to ensure that they remain safe within a protected environment.Technology has now become essential for every organization in relation to the safety and health of all workers.

Technology has played a significant role in the reduction of work-related fatalities and injuries. With the advent of modern technology, there is now an emphasis on training and security of workers to prepare for the worst. Technology also offers different high-speed communication devices to help employees in unforeseen circumstance while working in any number of industries.

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