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The Benefit of Quarantine or
How to Get Better While Not Being Out

By Carola Richter

The modern world is changing every day. Sometimes these changes can be radical and not very pleasant. For example, 2020 became truly unique - many countries declared isolation, closed borders and quarantined because of the coronavirus. As a result, residents must stay at home for at least 14 days. They can go out only for an important reason - to the grocery store or for a walk with the dog. Obviously, in such a situation, anxiety increases and panic can occur. But if you follow the advice of psychologists, then quarantine can make you better.

Bring Back a Little Routine to Your Life

Psychologists say that anxiety is a reaction of the body to unusual and unusual things that can interfere with your quiet life. Therefore, it is recommended to do routine chores. To get started, make a daily routine: get up at a specific time, make breakfast, clean the house, etc. Your brain, busy with familiar activities, will cease to panic and worry, which will help you find calm and peace of mind.

Trust Only Official Information

Most of us surf the Internet for a long time, reading all kinds of materials about coronavirus, and they even exacerbate fear. Moreover, in this stream of information, there are a lot of myths and unverified data that bring great harm. Therefore, people need to remember that only official sources should read - these are data from the Ministry of Health or the WHO, the advice of famous doctors, and not the stories of other users. It is also recommended that you receive information once or twice a day, and not watch the public and get another reason to worry every hour. And if you decide to share information, post only articles with a link to trusted sources.

Say Hypochondria "Goodbye"

In a health hazard, some people are prone to hypochondria. Slight malaise, fatigue, or coughing leads to bad thoughts. Do not panic - remember that such issues should be discussed with doctors (it is recommended to conduct an online conference). Also, wash your hands every time you return home, and use antiseptics. This will reduce the risk of getting the disease and help calm your nerves. Another important tip: learn to make fun of your fear and remember that viruses cling primarily to mentally weakened people.

Home Alone - Doesn't Mean Alone

If you are at home, this does not mean that you are in complete isolation. Chat with friends and family by phone and video. We recommend discussing topics not related to coronavirus. Take an interest in how your family spends time, discuss movies, hobbies, share recipes. Man is a social being, and simply cannot without communication. Such socialization will help you understand that this quarantine is just an excuse to talk with family and friends more often.

Activities for Yourself

Let's look at isolation from the positive side - this is a great way to pay attention to your hobby and gain new interests. If you are forced to stay at home, switch to household chores that you have no time to do on weekdays: sort things out in closets, tidy up your furniture. Take time for your favorite hobby: drawing, listening to music, playing musical instruments or computer games, knitting, sewing (including creative masks), embroidery and so on. Gadgets provide tremendous opportunities: you can read books, watch webinars, watch performances, online tours, engage in art therapy with professionals - this is what you now need.

Exercise and Eat Health Food

There is a pearl of ancient wisdom - "In a healthy body - a healthy mind." Do morning exercises, exercise on the simulator (if you have the opportunity). It is also very important to eat properly and balanced. Since there is time to stand near the stove, this must be used. It is important to remember that the body is much easier to cope with stress and stress if it is saturated with essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. The menu must be fresh fruits and vegetables. And also a fish that is rich in iodine and phosphorus. Iodine promotes muscle relaxation, and phosphorus helps maintain normal hormonal levels.

Eat more millet and buckwheat porridge, nuts, and legumes. All these products contain a natural antidepressant - magnesium. The green and herbal teas are very useful. They are rich in antioxidants that remove harmful substances and waste from the body, and the cleaner the body, the easier it is to endure stress and restore strength. Indulge yourself with a bar of dark chocolate, which contains the substance Anandamide, which causes a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Remember - panic and anxiety can harm your nerves and health more than isolation. And quarantine can give you great opportunities to become better.

About the Author:
Carola Richter is a professional esports journalist who reviews the esports events and trends in the industry. Recently, she's decided to create the blog where she could share her passion with the readers interested in the topic.

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