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Hand-Tied Weft Extensions vs Flat Weft Hair Extensions

If you want the extensions to look beautiful and natural, try hand tied weft hair extensions. A ready-made weft is attached around the head with a fine neat braid.

In addition to hand-tied, you can also use flat wefts. Both of these types are designed for sew-ins extension technique.

And although they are very similar, there are some differences that can play a role for both the client and the hair technician.

By reading our article, you will better understand these differences and be able to choose what suits you best.

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions vs Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions Pros and Cons

Hand-tied extensions are handmade wefts, made of high-quality natural hair.

To our opinion, this is the best you can choose for yourself if you prefer sew-in extensions:

  1. The strands fixation area is as thin and invisible as possible. This makes wearing such a hairstyle more comfortable, and the place of fixation - unnoticeable to others. 
  2. Only quality raw materials are used for hand-tied wefts production: Slavic or Russian hair. Slavic hair is thin and soft curls that suit clients with similar hair structures. Any other raw materials can damage your natural hair: loosen the roots and cause strands to fall out. It is also a great choice if you prefer natural undyed curls. Clients with more dense hair structures should pay attention to Russian hair. Here you will find a large selection of shades and textures so that every customer can find the perfect option for her hair. A huge plus of both Slavic and Russian hair is the method of their disinfection. When working with this raw material they do not use aggressive chemical reagents capable of destroying the cuticle of hairs. Thus, these locks will serve you for a long time, remaining good-looking and comfortable.
  3. Since it is handmade, the order will be executed taking into account all your wishes: the type of strands, their weight and length, color, density and texture (smooth, locks, or curls), as well as the size of the head.
  4. No loss of length while reapplication procedures as it happens with fusions or tape ins. When the curls grow out, the stylist just unbraids the hair, then braids it again and fixes the weft.

Despite all the obvious advantages of this extension technique, there are also some cons:

  • Since the weft is manufactured individually for the client, it is important to provide all the necessary options at the stage of its sewing. Otherwise, the hairstylist may have trouble fixing it.
  • A hand-made weft can not be cut, otherwise, it falls apart.
  • The cost of such products is higher than that of flat wefts. However, the quality fully justifies the price.

Flat Weft Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

These are wefts made with machine equipment. However, unlike the standard, denser and more coarse machine-tied weft, they have a thin sewing base.

The main advantages of flat wefts:

  • Due to the thin base, they are quite unnoticeable in the hairstyle and comfortable to wear.
  • These wefts can be cut before installation, making them more versatile to use.
  • They allow you to forget about losing length during reapplication procedures.
  • Cost less than hand-tied weft.

There are also a few disadvantages: 

  • Since these products are made by machine equipment, only one hair density is available here. This option may not be suitable for clients with soft thin locks.
  • Raw materials from the Asian market are often used for production: such hair is much thicker and denser than the hair of most North Americans. Therefore, no matter how neat the attachment place, the locks may not be suitable in their density and weight.

In addition, Asian (Chinese, Indian) hair often undergo aggressive treatment that destroys the structure of the hair, which makes them impossible to wear after the first hair wash. 

The option that suits only clients with thick hair is flat wefts, made from dense European hair. This product does not undergo harsh processing, so you can wear it for a long time.

We recommend hand-tied weft hair extensions - with them your hairstyle will be exactly as you have always dreamed of! To purchase such products, visit the I Love Slavic Hair online store. The brand works with high-quality raw materials and produces quality custom hand-tied wefts that enhance the beauty of your hair!

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