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Live Your Dream Hair Transplant Experience Through Found Hair

A lot of us take things for granted and act only when they are gone. Meanwhile, there are also things bound to lose even if maximum care has been given and people struggling with hair loss will definitely agree. Luckily, though, in their case, hair restoration is possible; thanks to hair transplant procedure. 

Men suffering from hair loss have been blessed with a remarkable solution as hair transplant since 1950s. Throughout the years, techniques of performing the procedure have changed. Though it can be costly, it continues to be trend because of its promising, natural-looking results without any amount of blood shed.

Getting hair transplant from Found Hair

Hair transplant is a type of procedure that extracts donor hair follicles and transplanting them to the scalp area that faces baldness or hair thinning. Throughout the last 25 years, Found Hair’s hair transplant services has helped lot of people seeking for a reliable hair loss solution. Founded and led by Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein, the company has helped thousands of patients from all over the globe needing hair transplants not just on scalp but also on other body parts.

Hair Transplant offers:

1. Head Hair Transplant

Aiming to help men with male pattern baldness, Found Hair’s hair transplant is its most availed procedure among its variety of services. It uses two different techniques to do the job: FUE or also known as the Follicular Unit Extraction, and FUG or also known as Follicular Unit Grafting.

In FUE, the hair follicles to be transplanted are individually extracted from the patient’s donor hair area. Its manual approach eats up a great deal of time. However, while it lasts significantly longer than the second method, 95% of men in's client list preferred it over the latter because of its equally outstanding results without any linear incision on the donor area. With the help of its E-Fue system, a custom-designed FUE technique, natural appealing hairlines can be achieved without scars and abrasiveness. Meanwhile, in FUG method, surgeons take the entire skin tissue with follicles from the donor area and suture them on the area that needs a transplant. Between the two methods, FUG is the abrasive one and often requires a long recovery period.

One of the post-procedure effects of hair transplantation is a noticeable tender scalp. Here is where patients are advised to take pain killers for a few days after the transplant. Another normal post-operation phase is the “shock loss” phase where the patient experiences considerable hair loss. Taking place a few days to weeks from the treatment day, shock loss takes place as the tissues are still recovering from the incision-triggered trauma.

Like any kind of surgery, FUG faces some health risks, including infection and bleeding. Since it appears more surgical than FUE, the likelihood of post-operation scars is high. Nonetheless, this can easily be concealed and covered by the natural hair.

2. Body Hair Transplant

Unlike other hair transplant companies that focus only on hair transplant, in Found Hair, they also cater to other hair transplant needs like Body Hair Transplant.

In this procedure, the experts take hair from the body area and transplant them either to the scalp or other areas like chest and public region or wherever the client desires.

While majority of hair transplant procedures take donor hairs from the scalp, more and more patients have learned to trust on body hairs for additional grafts when the scalp no longer has anything to donate. The team of experts, in this case, extracts hair from the arms, abdomen, chest, back, legs, and even pubic region if the idea does not disgust the client.

Body hair transplant may sound bizarre but Found Hair has made to show the world that body hair can still blend in on the scalp although the hair growth in the back, arms, and chest is typically slower than that on the scalp.

3. Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant is a procedure the company performs for patients who wish to restore hair on their facial areas, e.g. the person’s mustache, beard, goatee, and sideburns even if it has no previous history of hair growth. This technology has been availed by women as well who wanted to have a permanent cover of acne and other facial scars.

Like with head hair transplant, extracts hair from the side or back areas of the scalp. The donor site then relies on the attributes of the scalp or recipient area.

People who availed this type of services enjoyed a permanent, naturally growing transplanted hair; thanks to the efforts of the company to make sure facial hair looks the same as the transplanted one.

4. Eyebrow Hair Transplants

When it comes to reliable and beautifully made eyebrow restoration, Found Hair offers a legit solution. Women who are tired of having to draw and groom their eyebrows on usually resort to this procedure of the company. And the result? Full, thick, and scar-less eyebrows.

5. Eyelash Hair Transplants

Eyelashes can have hair loss too, hence the company’s eyelash hair transplant procedure aims to help women with no or barely noticeable eyelashes because of genes, trauma, or disorders like alopecia. However, just recently, Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein has been performing eyelash hair transplant procedure to enhance the appearance of the clients’ original eyelashes.

The fact is, the professional team in Found Hair also takes donor hairs from the scalp to give its clients full eyelashes. For a natural appearance, hair follicles are transplanted one at a time. To do it, surgeons transplant 25 to 50 hairs into each of the upper eyelids and the surgery usually lasts for 2 hours or less.

While all hair transplant procedures are delicate, eyelash hair transplant is considered the most delicate one as a simple mistake can already ruin the client’s life forever. This procedure requires knowledge and expertise that only Dr. Epstein and a few others can pull off. It is not just about transplanting; it is about placing each hair follicle at the right angle and direction to possibly mimic natural hair growth.

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