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What Hair Scissors Do Barbers Use?

Haircutting scissors are essential to ensure optimal results and promote healthy hair themselves, rather than relying on a salon-wide tool pool. Some people become very fond and protective of their scissors.

It can be challenging to choose the scissors that professional hairdressers need to purchase for their kit. With so many tools on the market, you are given different choices of hairdressing scissors that you may or may not need. You can know more about scissors at Barber Scissors Canada.

Scissors that barbers use

There is no need to be fooled by intelligent marketing with our guide to the styling tools you need in your kit. There are several types of scissors for hair cutting that are used by barbers all over the world. Some of the most prominent types of cutting scissors used by barbers are listed below...

  1. Cutting scissors with short blades
    When choosing which professional hairdressing scissors to buy, it is essential to consider the length of the blades. Hairdressers can easily use Short-bladed cutting scissors with smaller hands as they are lighter in weight and provide better control, reducing hand fatigue.

    The 4 to 5.5-inch blades are ideal for most hair techniques. These 2018 Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Offset Scissors are only 5.5 inches tall, making them the perfect tool for women's haircut techniques like trimming and detailing.

  2. Cutting scissors with long blades
    Barbering techniques, such as comb scissors, require the scissors to cover a larger area of hair to cut everything with scissors. Long blades on a chisel will ensure that the cut line is even and not twisted.
  3. Wide-tooth thinner scissors
    The finest scissors made with a small number of teeth are a must in your kit. These types of thinners are designed to lighten strands of hair. The reduced number of teeth on the thinning scissors provides a higher percentage of hair cut with each cut. This will save you time and effort when dealing with clients who have thick or coarse hair.
  4. Texturizing or blending scissors
    To prevent this from happening, you should add a thinner consisting of many teeth to your kit. The high tooth count on the texturing scissors will thin your hair slowly without removing too much at once. This will give you better control and precision when texturing fine hair.
  5. Swivel Scissors
    Long hours in the living room can put a lot of strain and strain on the wrist and hands. Adding swivel scissors to your collection can be a great way to relieve pain in your precious hands. Normal hairdressing scissors get your thumb stuck in one position, and it can become painful after a while. The swivel scissors are designed with a rotating thumb ring, which provides flexibility in handling and control. They also support natural hand movements thanks to the rotating thumb ring. It will reduce the pain and make your haircutting experience more comfortable. Barber Scissors USA have gained much popularity among people all over the world.
  6. Hair thinning scissors
    The lightning scissors have two different blades, one with teeth and one without. The teeth on one side help you divide your hair into regular sections. The spacing of the teeth affects the size of the sections, which in turn affects the final effect you create by using a specific type of best lightening scissors. This type of cutting scissors can be used on almost all types of long, short, thick, and thin hair, which is quite thick; you can use them to remove excess weight from the hair; it blends smoothly into the hairlines and creates a soft and diffused shape. You can use them interchangeably, depending on your clients' wishes and the effect you want to achieve on your goals. You must use the best hair cutting scissors.

Taking care of scissors

No matter what kind of cut you are doing for your clients, scissors, scissors, and haircut sets, along with other accessories, are the tools you will use every day. Their quality will affect your customers' satisfaction, and it is more than likely that you have invested a lot to complete your collection.

  1. Cleaning
    As simple as it may seem, a good cleaning is the most important step in the maintenance of your equipment hairdressing. You haven't developed this habit yet; you need to try harder. Otherwise, your equipment won't last long. The best thing to do is to clean the scissors for cutting and thinning the hair after each use.
  2. Lubrication
    Cleaning all types of hairdressing scissors is one thing. However, this is not all. You should also make sure that they are lubricated. This step is easy to overlook, we know, but it is extremely effective in extending the life of your hairdressing scissors. Well, what have you got to do? First, clean the scissors and make sure they are completely dry.
  3. Balance
    If you want every cut to be flawless and precise, you need to regularly check the tension of your scissors. Inadequate balance could cause you to twist and curl your hair with scissors if the tension is too loose, which would be bad. However, if it is too tight, your hands will tire quickly from using a pair of scissors, and the blades may wear prematurely along the edges.
  4. Sharpening
    It's a no-brainer, but a lot of people still use blunt scissors to cut their hair, because oh why. If you want to create stunning hairstyles, you need to make sure that your scissors are sharp. Anytime you notice that while you are cutting your hair, your scissors are pulling, bending, or grabbing, it is time to contact a sharpening service, preferably as soon as possible.

The bottom line

The above-mentioned points are some of the most significant things that you should know about hair cutting scissors. These points are the biggest types of haircutting scissors. All a person should focus on choosing the right and the best hair cutting scissors so that he can have a perfect and ultimate haircut.

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