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5 Best Hair Care Tips and Facts for Kids

There are several hair care malpractices present in the world that can result in lacklustre locks. For kids, even the way of rubbing shampoo matters and can seriously damage their hair. As a result, the hair looks and feels dull and unhealthy. 

Here are the five best hair care tips and facts that can help kids in growing and maintaining their hair in a healthy manner without the intervention of any harmful treatment or chemicals. 

Useful Hair Care Tips for Children:

  • Wash hair regularly: 

Children’s hair should be washed regularly as they go out very frequently, they play and that is why they get in contact with dust, dirt, and sweat. If the kid is too much into sports, swimming, or they roll down often then they might need a good hair scrubbing to keep their hair healthy and shiny. Just in case the hair of the kid is dry, frequent washing might damage the hairs, in that case, the hair should be washed in an interval of one or two days.

  • Do not scratch scalp with fingernails:

The kids are not mature enough, they often scratch their scalp with their fingernails and that might damage it as it is sensitive. The parents should teach their children to use their fingertips instead of their fingernails in order to wash their hair properly, that way the cleaning will be gentle yet effective. It is important to teach the kids about such habits because afterwards when they grow up they will continue using their fingernails while cleaning their hair and they will end up damaging their scalp.

  • Teach how to wash hair: 

Sometimes children don’t like to make their faces wet while doing shampoo, in that case, parents should teach them to wash and rinse their hair so they can avoid water coming on their faces. The parents should also take care that the shampoo their children use is tear-free conditioning shampoo, this will make sure that children don’t have to wash and rinse twice. This will also save a lot of time for the kids.

  • Detangle the hair gently:

Some kids have curly hairs or hairs that tangle after washing with shampoo, the parents should get their kids a gentle detangler that can easily detangle their hair without breaking too many of them. The parents should teach their kids to clean their combs and brushes every few weeks after they are done detangling and setting up their hair. 

  • Cleanliness is more important:

Parents should teach their children that the best and most important thing they can do for their hair is keeping them clean and treating them gently. Hair is not only important for the looks but they have many other significances as well, tell them about it. Tell them what is their hair type, curly, straight, dry, oily, etc. and then tell them about specific care tips for their type of hair.

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Facts related to hair growth as well as hair care:

  1. The main component of hair is keratin. This is the same component of which fingernails are made up of. 
  2. The growth of hair totally depends upon the routine, diet as well as hair care. But normally, the growth rate of hair is almost ½ inch per month. 
  3. The hair grows on the head with a particular purpose. Hair usually contributes to keeping the head warm and acts as a cushion for the skull. 
  4. New hairs grow continuously each day. It grows and replaces the hairs which fall down every day from the head. The average count of hairs that fall out of the head of a normal person is 50 to 100. 
  5. The growth of the hairs of boys is quicker than that of girls. 

Additionally, the type and duration of hair cut play a major role in the growth and maintenance of the hair. Having a haircut from a clipper is faster, beneficiary and can also be considered as more stylish. It also gives a totally different look to the person. Many companies provide adjustable and high-quality hair clippers. The main thing about it that the barber must have a good idea of blades and its relationship with the hair and several hairstyles. To get a full idea of hair clippers and their blades with chat, one can visit

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