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8 Hacks to Make a Perfect Hookah Session

Whether it is a weekend, someone’s birthday, a couple’s anniversary, New Year’s Eve or just a breezy evening, hookah always tastes good. You can make it better by following some easy hacks.

Hookah Session

Revamp the session by adding some new aromatic flavors in the hose, experiment by adding different liquids like Whiskey, Red bull, Rum and milk in the pots, and combine 2-3 different flavors together to enhance the smoking experience.

These hacks can make your session more enjoyable with your favorite ones. So, before you set up a perfect hookah session and Buy products from a smoke shop near Peoria Arizona, go through what else you can do beyond these basic hacks.

  • Use icy cool water

Water inside the pot eventually gets warmer and the longer the session lasts it gets even more. To have a perfect puff, use cold water as a base or add some ice cubes to the water you fill. Even if the ice melts, it will keep the water cold and won’t lose your interest in the session after a certain period of time. Also, ice makes the hookah taste fresh.

  • Set up a perfect environment

To have a mesmerizing hookah session, set up a perfect environment. Avoid noisy and crowded places, light up the environment with multi glow colors that are enhancing enough to give you the perfect feel. You can also use the outdoor facilities like deck, porch, patio or garden to smoke with the fresh breeze blowing around.

  • Use a fresh quality tobacco

Buy new flavors, keep it away from the direct sunlight and cover it in a proper material to keep the air away. Avoid using the leftover flavors of the last session if they have extended the time period of two months. If you want to use the old flavors then mix it with the new ones so that you get to taste two different flavors parallelly and experience a newer aroma.

  • Use natural coal

Instant coal is easy to light, but gives a headache at the end of the session. Natural coal can deliver you a complete fresh, organic and a hassle free smoking experience which will encourage you to take hookah more even if you are not so fond of hookah

  • Experiment with different base

Change keeps a person going, which applies equally well in hookah. Add different liquids in the hookah pot to get an authentic taste combined with different flavors. Water is a basic ingredient to add to your pot, but other alcoholic and soft drinks can give you a newer experience and excite you to set up a different base every single time.

  • Take care of other equipment

Place your pipe in a freezer 20 to 40 minutes prior to your hookah session, wash your pot, hose and the support base to make a fresh start. Split the coal into 2 to 4 pieces to put it easily on the foil. This will not irritate you in between the session. Add some pieces of lime in the water filled pot to get an ultimately new experience of smoking. Lastly, if you are creative try some new patterns while poking holes in the foil wrapped around the hose.

  • Push the smoke outside

If you feel something wrong in the neck, then gently smoke in reverse to fix that issue. Do this to remove all the unwanted particles frequently so that it does not cause problems for the next person, or use the filter in every drag which is the safest option of all.

  • Clear your area

Once your session is over, clear the area to eliminate all the dirty particles and leftovers that can turn the area unhygienic. Help your friends to clear your area and eliminate all the unrequired mess.

Make sure to take care of your hookah like you do for other precious things because one simple breakage can cause trouble in another session. Enjoy the smoke in every single puff you inhale, every single time you host or attend a hookah session.

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