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5 Unhealthy Habits That Adversely Affect
Your Mental Well-Being

Unhealthy Habits

If you’re constantly feeling the blues, you might need some serious readjustment to do when it comes to your routine. You might be unknowingly indulging in some habits which may be severely harming your mental health. Mental health was once a taboo, shunned topic. But these days, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage and regulate our feelings. Our mental health isn’t just limited to how we feel. Rather, it can have a profound effect on our physical health too. So, it’s highly essential to get rid of some unhealthy habits we may be indulging in without realizing how profoundly damaging they are.

If you’re having trouble identifying which habits are healthy and which ones are damaging your mental health, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading below to learn what practices you need to leave behind for a happier, brighter future.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms

We all have some underlying issues which can become too much to bear at some point. You might have unresolved trauma from some event that occurred in the past. Or you may have anxiety, depression, paranoia, and a vast array of mental health issues that can be challenging to overcome. Unfortunately, for some of us, facing our issues is too painful. As a result, we end up resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms instead.

One of the unhealthiest coping mechanisms that people often resort to is drug abuse. Drugs can be an easy option to take the edge off whatever is bothering you. They can even make you feel happy, in control, and relaxed. However, the truth is that every euphoric feeling you attain from drugs is a façade. Your problems remain intact, and instead, you become increasingly dependent on a toxic chemical. Heading to a professional for a dual diagnosis can help you handle your drug addiction and mental health issues simultaneously.

It can help you tackle your mental health issues and keep them from resurfacing while battling your addiction too.

Browsing too much social media

With the entire world at your fingertips, it can be challenging to detach sometimes. Social media can make you feel as if you’re more connected to those around you than ever before, but the reality can be much different. Social media allows people to broadcast select, highly edited highlights from their life. Online, it can look like everyone has the best life, the perfect body, perfect relationships, and everything else. All of these factors can indeed lead to a sharp decline in your mental health if you spend too much time online.

The correlation between social media and depression isn’t just conjecture. Various studies attest that social media usage can lead to increased levels of depression. Moreover, social media can lead to body dissatisfaction in both genders, predominantly women. If you’re feeling a sense of dissatisfaction after spending time online, it may be time to unplug. Put away your phone, grab a book, a paintbrush, or anything else and disengage from the online world.

Pushing yourself too hard

In today’s incredibly fast-paced world, it’s become normal to push ourselves to our limit. Almost everyone around us has a full-time job, a side business, and some other commitment. Being on the ‘grind’ is glorified to the extent where we can feel bad for taking a day off to relax. If you’re pushing yourself way too hard, you can expect to see a sharp decline in your mental health.

If you feel like you’re running on fumes all the time and have no time for yourself, you might need to take a step back. Working too hard can mean you don’t have time for yourself or your family, and you can end up being incredibly isolated. So, don’t feel bad for calling in your annual leave and disconnecting from all the work you have going on. Doing so won’t just improve your mental health but can also improve your performance and productivity at work.

Keeping your environment cluttered

If your home is cluttered, you can expect your mental health to see some changes too, and not in the right direction. Having too much clutter around you can lead to increased stress hormone levels, cortisol. This clutter can make it challenging to focus on work, friends and family, and more.

Instead of keeping all the rooms in your home filled with things you don’t need anymore, consider hosting a garage sale or donating the items to charity. Not only can doing a good deed boost your mental health significantly, but you can also create a cleaner environment for yourself.

Not getting enough sleep

With life being so fast-paced, it’s become habitual for most of us to stay up even into the wee hours of the night. Sleeping early might not sound like much fun. But it’s a medically backed up fact that your body needs at least eight hours of sleep to function properly. Not getting sufficient sleep can mess with your focus and make you feel irritable, depressed, isolated, and unhealthy.

Suppose you have trouble sleeping early. In that case, turning the lights off at a set time, putting your phone away, and using aromatherapy can help you wind down and prepare for bed. With time, your body can settle into a natural rhythm and develop a regular cycle.


Although these habits may seem inconsequential, they can profoundly affect your mental health. Eliminating them from your life can make you feel happier and healthier and help you become much more productive. While it can be challenging to eliminate some of these items from your life, the effort will be worth it once you start witnessing the results.

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