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What You Need to Know About Gym Management Software Before Buying

Gym Management Software

Compared to other businesses like retail stores, gym businesses are easier to manage as only a handful of inventory items are maintained. However, what hampers gym owners to focus solely on improving their services are the administrative tasks that are often eating up the staff’s time.

To keep up with the competition, a lot of gym owners nowadays invest in gym management software. How they arrived with such a decision is usually anchored to the good reviews and feedback from gym owners who have invested ahead.

If you are to make the same move, you will want to have a guided and informed purchasing decision to ensure a maximized return of investment. This article aims to share everything you need to know about gym management software before sealing any deal.

What You Need to Know About Gym Management Software

Gym management software is a type of computer information system designed to help managers, gym owners, and staff carry out a variety of tasks associated with running a gym efficiently and accurately. These tasks include the responsibilities entailed in managing members, employees, marketing and promoting gym services, and even financial reporting and beyond.

There may be a plethora of gym management software options in the market today and they may vary in terms of features, feature names, or price but their functionalities are mostly designed to aid in the key areas of gym management. Know about them below:

  1. Member Management
    This standard gym management software feature aims to make it easier for newly converted leads and members to register in the gym community. Depending on the advancement of the gym software, it can offer a simple module that allows registration and access to member portal through keying in an email address and a password or it can implement fingerprint scanning, key tags, or more. Once the user is in, he can freely manage his account and ideally schedule his trainings or choose the classes he wants to enroll in.

    This straightforward access to a member portal also members to manage their bills and receive alerts through SMS and/or email about class, schedule or other promotional updates, eradicating the hassle and stress of delinquent payments.

  2. Employee Management
    Another key area gym management software aims to administer is employee management. The features for this area are designed to streamline basic administrative tasks that staff are faced with and consume a lot of hours on on a daily basis. This can cover anything from enrolling walk-in members, scheduling classes, and collecting survey answers if there are any.
  3. Sales Management
    When running a gym, having real-time, accurate data about your gym’s members, their enrolled classes, and behaviors plays a role in strategizing for a maximized revenue. You can begin by monitoring how frequently each member visits your gym or which classes they enroll in, giving more insight to think of better marketing plans to boost your sales. For instance, you can set the system to send out scheduled emails whenever new classes are created or whatever subject that they might be interested in with the aim of enhancing your efforts for customer retention.

    Moreover, you can also improve the sales process for potential customers by monitoring marketing campaigns, conversion rates, and studying which particular demographic groups visited your gym and why. This and other managerial decisions can be facilitated through the reports generation feature that even a basic gym management software comes with.

  4. Financial Management
    Besides the performance and trend reports, the reporting feature also presents the gym’s financial performance in light of data reflecting the payments made and sales for a specific period. This report may be exported as a pdf or spreadsheet file for easy viewing and sending.

    A sophisticated gym management software can provide financial reports pertaining to billing statements, revenue and deposit reconciliation, invoice detail, daily delinquency, and periodical membership sales.

Who should be using the gym management software?

One awesome thing about gym management software is that it can be used for a gym regardless of size. Almost all gyms carry out the same operational, routine tasks like payment processing, member login, and employee scheduling. However, financial reporting, customer retention, and crafting future managerial decisions are challenges most gyms are facing. The good news is, with gym management software, these challenges can be addressed and the business can run smoothly and more efficiently.

In other words, any gym regardless of size, type of services offered, and target market can gain the benefits and should be using a gym management software.

Other reasons for using gym management software include:

  • Enhanced Stand in the Competition
    Over the past years, the gym industry has gone through over 2% growth rate yearly, i.e. more gym businesses are joining the competition. Gym managers and owners have a distinct requirement for member management and payment processing to be able to stay on top of the tight competition and this can be outright delivered by a gym software.
  • Strengthened Member Retention
    A huge portion of the revenue within the gym industry comes from membership fees. However, data show that gyms spend five to twenty-five times more in converting a lead into a new member than in retaining a member and keeping his loyalty. This goes to show that member retention is an affordable yet vital strategy to sustain and expand a gym.
  • Personalization
    One of the vital factors in essentially growing your customer base is trust and is earned once the customers see that you truly understand them and you are doing all the efforts you can to build a strong relationship with them. In this digital age, communicating with customers requires a personal touch in advertising your gym both to old and new customers.

    Using the reporting data that the software comes with, owners gain an insight about the customers’ behaviors, dislikes, likes, and goals. Using the extra features like live chat tool, users can experience personal conversations with the gym representatives discussing classes and other stuff.

To streamline a gym’s daily administrative processes is not easy but it can significantly be attained as long as you have the right gym management software in place.

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