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4 Pit-Avoidance Guidelines for Buying a Mattress

 After moving into a new home, the first mattress in the master bedroom is the renovation of the furniture bought when the gift. The result of sleeping less than a month to replace the reason is always can smell a pungent smell. Then had no choice but to buy a new one, however, after a year of sleep and a new problem, "collapse" is too serious.

In order to have a comfortable sleeping environment, I gradually began to realize that the importance of the mattress can not be ignored. So after a few days of research, I finally decided to change another one. Now count down, the new mattress has been sleeping for a year and a half, to my feeling is very comfortable. Here I will shop best mattress before "do your homework" to share with you, I hope to provide some reference to avoid stepping on the pit.

1. Do not choose the glue bonded mattress

Let's start with the composition of the mainstream mattress on the market.

Whether it is a few hundred dollars of mattresses, or thousands of dollars of mattresses, in fact, the components of these three, or a combination of two of them: fabric, filling materials, springs. Each of these parts have a lot of learning, such as the "filling material" alone out, and can be divided into coconut palm, coir, jute, sponge, latex and 3D materials and so on.

To the highest market penetration of "coconut palm, coir and jute" filler material, for example, must not choose the glue bonded mattress.

Why can not choose the glue bonded mattress, the reason is actually very understandable. Because there is glue, there will be formaldehyde. And once the glue, it will make the mattress breathability is worse, the texture is harder, and will be mixed with odor. So it will seriously affect our sleeping experience, and even health.

I buy a coir mattress, so how to determine whether to add glue?

First of all, look at the mattress "manual", currently highly recognized coconut palm, jute, coir and other mattresses, will use high-temperature hot press molding process, and will not use the process of glue bonding.

Secondly, if you buy in the physical store, be sure to pick open to see, if the inside of the brown wire can not be pulled, or hard, and even visible to the naked eye white solid, basically can be judged to add glue brown mattress, not recommended to choose.

2. Do not choose the natural latex content of low mattress

Because "latex" this material has the characteristics of anti-mite and anti-aging, coupled with excellent softness, extremely close to the human body curve, so it has been very popular. But it must be clear that there is no 100% natural latex mattress on the market. Because the natural oak sap only in the conditions of adding chemical additives to foam molding, so any mattress that claims 100% natural latex, can be judged as false propaganda.

In the selection of latex mattress, the natural latex "content" is crucial. It directly determines the use of latex mattress experience and life. At present, natural latex is divided into four levels of industry ABCD.

The natural latex content > 93% is judged to be A grade, is also the best quality latex. If you know about latex mattresses or latex pillows, you will find that the higher the content, the higher the price. And the lower the content of natural latex means the lower the quality, and there will even be a source of formaldehyde release. The use of time not more than 2 years on the yellowing, flaking, odor and other phenomena, can be judged as low quality latex.

3. Try not to choose the "whole network spring" mattress

I mentioned at the beginning, the mattress components among the very important one is "spring". In fact, the spring inside a lot of learning. The spring mattress on the market at present, according to the composition can be divided into "the whole network spring", "independent spring".

Among them, the "whole network spring" is divided into a number of subdivision types, such as brushed wire spring, wonderful and button spring, Bonnier spring, beauty spring. Independent springs" are divided into standard springs, partition springs, mini springs, left and right springs, suspension springs, conical springs, and other subdivisions.

In my experience, it is not recommended to consider the "whole web spring" if you have enough budget. The whole web spring, as the name implies, is mainly composed of a single wire, so it "moves the whole body with one hair", which leads to a bad sleep experience. If you turn over, you will also interfere with each other. So it is the worst "anti-disturbance".

In addition to the poor resistance to interference, the whole network of springs also has a disadvantage that there will be noise and noise. It also tends to collapse over time. These problems seriously affect the quality of sleep. So it is more recommended to consider "independent spring".

4. Do not choose a mattress with a low level of environmental protection

This selection principle, the reason for the "grand finale" behind, because it is the basis, but also the most important selection indicators. Whether it is a few hundred dollars of mattresses, or thousands of dollars of mattresses, environmental protection grade is low, should not be invested. Some brands of mattresses, are able to control the formaldehyde emissions within the value. And some small or miscellaneous brand mattress, because in the filling layer added glue, the release of most will exceed the standard, so it is not recommended that you put in.

I hope you can buy the Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress that suits you.

These 4 "avoidance guides" for the upcoming mattress, or intend to replace the mattress people, should be able to provide some reference. In fact, the mattress thing should also attract our attention, after all, it will not only affect the sleep experience, but also the happiness of home life.

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