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Your Guide to Laser Hair Removal: Does It Work?

Laser Hair Removal

Unless you don’t listen to the radio, use the Internet, or live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of laser hair removal. However, you might not be sure how it works, or also might be concerned it’s simply too expensive. It can be very expensive at a spa– sometimes costing thousands of dollars. Traditional sessions can be very expensive and painful, but there are other options. When you go to a spa you are paying for the overhead costs and the middleman– but you can cut out some of those expenses with at-home options. One very popular new option is the Lumi handset, which uses a new form of technology to remove any hairs from your body that you want gone. Keep reading to learn exactly how it works.

What is the IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is actually safer and easier than traditional laser hair removal to do at home. That is the main reason Miami laser hair removal salons use this method. How IPL works is the light pulses will target your hair at its root, not at the surface like other forms of hair removal. This will damage the root and over time lead to less hair growth. IPL creates less heat than other forms of laser hair removal and is much safer to use at home, as it has less of a chance of burning your skin. The light damaging the root means you will have less coarse hair that grows less often in just a few sessions.

How Many Sessions Does it Take?

It depends. Typically people see noticeable results within four sessions, with permanent hair reduction in 12 sessions. It may take longer or shorter times for different people, but the Lumi lasts for 30 years, so you won’t have to pay extra for additional sessions or tools if your hair takes a bit longer to show reduction. But you should start noticing less hair quickly– some report noticing a difference after just one use!

Will it Work for Me?

The Lumi works for most skin and hair types with very few exceptions. It does not work on very dark skin, and it does not have as good of results on very light hair. It works best on coarse hair that has contrast from your skin- it is a light that is targeting the root, and it needs to see it! However, most people have contrast between their skin color and their hair color, and most people have body hair that is coarser than they would prefer. So while it will not work for every single person (as no products do), it is a great investment for many. And if you find that our Lumi does not work as well as you were hoping, a money-back guarantee is offered!

How Long Does it Take?

Our light is so fast that a normal session for the entire body should only take 30 minutes. Shaving your whole body can take longer than that! Driving to a salon for a wax is much longer! As for how many sessions you will need, most people will see results in one session, noticeable differences in four sessions, and permanent reduction in hair loss in 12 sessions. For most people the hair won’t grow back, but for some it may. Because your Lumi lasts up to 30 years, just get it back out and zap the hair away! This is preferable to traditional laser hair removal where you would have to pay for additional sessions years down the line. Lumi is the affordable option that will last you for years!

Where Can I Use It?

Lumi can be used anywhere on your body, but if you do want to use it on your face, try to keep it below your cheekbones. You want those chin hairs gone? I understand. But leave your brows alone- your skin is different on your face. Also, brow trends change every few years, and we all know some people left with bald spots and out-of-date brows after 2007’s thin brow craze. Leave your brows alone but remove hair from anywhere else on your body.

Does It Hurt?

It is pain-free! The light works differently than traditional lasers, so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. Much less than waxing or nicking yourself with a razor.

Are you convinced yet? The Lumi is not a traditional laser hair removal system like you could get for thousands of dollars at a spa, but it is significantly cheaper and less painful than that laser. Many people like to be as hairless as possible but can’t keep up with spa appointments, or might have little kids running around and can’t take a long shower. The Lumi is the answer for all of your hair-free dreams! Everyone should buy one- get it now!

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