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A Quick Guide on How to Make CBD Oil

The CBD industry is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. The reason behind the same is quite clear—the therapeutic effects of CBD are working its magic on people across America. The use and application of CBD products is so healing that people just can’t get enough of it! There are anecdotes across the US where people found help with their anxiety, depression, inflammation, and even epilepsy. 

Thus, there is no reason why the demand of CBD oil won’t rise with time. When you buy a CBD product, make sure that you are buying the same from the best CBD brands. The potency and quality of the product must be top-notch as well. With increasing demand of CBD oil, there are chances that the prices of the oil will only sky-rocket with time. 

So, isn’t it better to find an alternate method to use the product without compromising the quality of the oil and at a lesser price? There are a lot of people in the world who are giving a try to home-made CBD oil and nailing the process!

Intrigued to know how to cook your own CBD oil at home? Well, then read on!

Cannabidiol – Where does it come from?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD oil, is one of the more than 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis or hemp plant. It has a natural ability to treat major illnesses, like anxiety, depression, indigestion, skin problems, epilepsy, migraines, insomnia, and chronic body pains. 

So, how does it do it? CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of the body to regulate many functions of the body. This system is responsible for fighting illnesses and various health issues. It also regulates mood and thus, can help in balancing serotonin level of the brain. In a way, CBD interacts with the receptors of the brain, nervous system, and immune system to restore the bodily functions of the human body, including, psychosis, insomnia, pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, diabetes, and other neurodegenerative disorders. 

Home-made vs. professional-made CBD oil 

There are certain differences between a professionally-made CBD oil and home-made CBD oil. For starters, home-made CBD oil might lack some of the natural ingredients, which can definitely be found in professional CBD oil, check the ingredients of the best cbd oils below.

There might also be a chance that home-made CBD oil might not be as pure as the professionally-made CBD oil. The biggest difference between the two is the extraction method of CBD. The professional-made CBD oil is more expensive than the home-made oil because it is stronger in terms of potency, transparency, and rich ingredients. Nevertheless, home-made CBD oil can be made with simple ingredients, isn’t costly, and renders relief from health problems. 

How to make CBD oil at home

It might sound difficult at first but once you get into the vibe, preparing your own CBD oil is quite easy. All you have to do is get your hands on the best CBD oil recipe. Here’s all you need to know about the perfect CBD oil recipe.

  1. Ingredients
    • About 30 g of ground buds or 60-100 g of ground, dried shake or trim
    • Cooking oil (coconut oil or olive oil)
    • Pot
    • Stovetop 
    • Cheesecloth
  2. Decarboxylation: After grounding the buds, you will have to decarb them, to change CBD into its active form. This is done to make the product more available to the body. It is done on a cookie sheet in an oven at a temperature of 220-225 degree Fahrenheit for about an hour. After an hour, remove the herbs from the oven and let it cool. 
  3. Extraction: It’s time to blend the carrier oil and the herbs or flowers together. Put the mixture on the top of a double boiler and let it simmer on water. It is best to let it simmer on low heat to get the best results. You can also use a crack pot for the same reason. 

It takes about 3 hours for the herbs or CBD to dissolve in the oil. When the mixture becomes brownish green with earthy hues, you can take it off the boiler. After this, pour the mixture through cheesecloth to strain off the plant matter. This would leave behind the CBD-oil once it’s sieved. Discard the leftover material and viola, your job is done! Now, place the oil in a bottle or a jar and keep it in a cool and dry place. 

The different ways to use CBD oil

Once you are through making the oil, your next concern should be how to use it. Here are a few ways to use it.

  1. Topical: CBD topical are used problems like aches, chronic pain, and inflammation. These topical can be applied directly to the skin of sore muscles. It has long-lasting effects on pain relief. 
  2. Capsules: The easiest and most convenient way to use CBD oil is by popping in the capsules and let the healing begin. All you have to do is put on the oil on a gelatin capsule and consume it like a pill.
  3. Edibles: One can mix CBD oil with edibles and candies, such as brownies, cookies, cakes, and gummies. It is yet another way to consume CBD oil effortlessly. 
  4. Orally: The best way to consume CBD oil is orally. All you have to do is put the tincture under your tongue and swallow it after a minute or two. The reason for keeping it in your mouth for a while is because it then blends with the receptors and starts working. It takes about an hour to start working in the body.
  5. Vaping: It is when you inhale the oil instead of consuming it, it’s known as vaping. It is yet another method of healing your body issues. It is one of the rarest used ways of consuming CBD oil.

Closing thoughts 

There are plenty of reasons behind making your own CBD oil at home, such as, price, quality, and the potency of the oil. As you now know, it is quite simple to make CBD oil at home. All you have to do is get a good quality of ground buds or flowers and follow the given steps. Soon, you will become an expert at it and who knows you might start your own CBD company and give your future contemporaries a run for their money.

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