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The Beginners Guide to Growing Weed at Home

grow at home

Weed is an alternative health source, and many people continue to gravitate to it. In fact, 18 states allow the growing and possession of specified amounts of cannabis.

If that's your state, it's time to start growing weed at home.

When you grow weed at home, you know what you're smoking. Some people still buy baggies from random people on the street. It's illegal and dangerous.

In some cases, the weed in those baggies gets mixed with other drugs that harm the body.

Growing your own stash is also cost-effective. The cost per ounce of marijuana from a dispensary runs in the hundreds. You can grow more at home and save even with the cost of production.

Weed is an exciting plant with a plethora of potential health benefits. Want to grow the medicinal plant? Read the beginner's guide to growing weed here.

Choose the Right Spot for Growing Weed

Cannabis plants aren't high maintenance plants, but if this is your first time growing marijuana, they do require their own space to grow. Like some plants, weed plants produce in high quality when they're in the right conditions.

Plant them in a secluded area where they won't get tampered with. Make sure that spot allows them to get the appropriate amount of light and heat. Both of these elements help them grow efficiently.

Most people choose the basement. If you don't have one, the attic, garage, or small guest room works as well.

Gather Your Seeds

The right type of marijuana seeds determines the type of yield you receive. Start simple. Choose an easy strain, one that keeps the growing process simple and one where the life cycle is easy to discern.

100% female plants help you do that. These types of plants start as auto-flowering seeds. They're pure, simple seeds that eliminate the stress of the controlled phases of the cannabis growing process.

Climate and Lights

Cannabis thrives on certain environmental conditions—temperature, airflow, and light intensity. You must regulate every one of these factors to produce a good yield.

Start with the space surrounding your grow area. Keep it dry and cool. Too much warmth and humidity affect the growth inside the growing area. Invest in grow lights. Turn them on when temperatures fall and off when temperatures heat up.

Exposure to the right amount of light affects the vegetation and growth stages of your weeds plants. Because you're growing indoors, you'll have to play with this a bit until you get it right. One important factor is in using grow lights. Lighting is essential to the health and yeild of your plants.

Try experimenting with these grow lights until you get it right:

  • HID (high-intensity discharge) Lights
  • Fluorescent Grow Lights
  • LED Grow Lights

Give the plants at least 18 hours of controlled light, then give them darkness. The darkness helps them transition through stages.

Grow Your Stash

Growing weed indoors doesn't require professional experience. Start small and simple, increasing your bundle as you gain more practice and experience.

We have more home and garden tips like this for you. Check out our guide for the latest mind-transforming ideas and hacks.

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