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A Proper Guide on Growing Outdoor Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis is a pleasing and rewarding experience, yet it is also challenging and takes a certain amount of money and time, especially for the first-time grower with limited resources.

In the past few years, people were not used to growing cannabis in their backyards, but these days as it is legal in many states, one can yield plenty of quality cannabis without investing large amounts of money. If one has access to a sunny spot in a backyard or even a terrace, rooftop, or balcony, you can successfully grow cannabis.

This thought might hit you where you can buy cannabis seeds to grow in your own small yard. If you have this question on your mind, you don’t need to be worried. Since cannabis is legalized one can easily get them from any cannabis store. Moreover, today there are hundreds of online cannabis shops that are selling cannabis seeds at affordable rates with good quality. If you are struggling with picking the authentic shop, visit cannabis seeds australia. When one chooses their site to order cannabis seed, they guarantee that their clients will get what they order with the best quality.

Here we have collected a guide to growing outdoor cannabis, but before moving towards the guide, we have listed a few benefits of growing cannabis:


Low Costs: When you come to outdoor grow, you will not need to spend a lot of money. You’ll need fertilizer, seeds, good soil, and maybe a small greenhouse to get them started. You will not need artificial light, and there’ll be no electricity bill to pay.

Higher Yield: for outdoor plants, there is no limit. Your plants can grow as tall and as big as you want or as long as plants can manage.

It’s Relaxing and Fun: Don’t sell the therapeutic values of gardening short. It is always relaxing to take care of your outdoor plant and get fresh air. Moreover, there is nothing better than smoking something one grew himself.

Growing Guide

1. Consider the Climate

It is always important to get a better understanding of the climate of your area. Cannabis is adaptable to various conditions, but this plant is vulnerable to extreme weather. Temperature above 86 °F can stop the growth of your plants. In the same way, temperature less than 55°F can cause stunting and damage to plants.

2. Select Space to Grow Wisely

Choosing the area for your outdoor grow is one of the most important decisions, and you need to be wise in it. The decision to select space is especially more important if you are planting in an immobile container or directly in the ground.

3. Decide on Cannabis Seeds Genetics

The growth of plants depends on the strains you choose to grow for your particular location and climate. For instance, if you are living in an area with a good history of cannabis greater chances that many strains will successfully grow there. To select a strain, you can discuss it with the gardeners of your area. They can help you with both choosing cannabis seeds and location to plant them.

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