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A Complete Guide to the Best Types of
Wine You Should Know

Want to celebrate promotion party? Want to have the best family dinner? Thinking about giving the best birthday surprise to your lover? The exceptional option for all of that is a delicate bottle of wine with a refreshing taste to make the moment special. Wine lovers feel overwhelmed with the best possible collection they can have. Only a wine lover could understand the value of having a wine cooler full of the best wine collections.

If you are really into enjoying the best flavor of wine try to pour your wine into a wine decanter to allow the aeration and to settle the sediments present in the bottle to give your wine the finest flavor in the world. You can differentiate a huge difference between wine poured directly from a wine bottle or from a wine decanter.

To make your wine experience more memorable and perfect, the best wine accessories are something must-have. There are almost thousands of varieties of grapes in the world to make wine and even more types of wines made with them. By getting the understanding of all varieties of wine it becomes easy to choose the best sort of wine you would like to have.

red wine

Types of wines

  1. Red wine
  2. White wine
  3. Rosé wine
  4. Fortified wine
  5. Sparkling wine

If you are new to the wine world, try to get to recognize every minute detail about it to pick the best flavor for you due to the fact there are a thousand forms of wine accessible.

1. Red wine

Red wine is a best type of wine made up of red grapes with black-colored skin. When grapes are compressed at the winery along with the skin they give reddish-purple color to the beverage. Otherwise, the juice of these grapes is transparent. Wine grapes that are being used in making wine is different from the grapes available in stores; they are small, thick-skinned, sweetened, and contain so many seeds.

Tannins in red wine

Tannins are present in the grape’s skin and give bitterness and mouth-drying quality to the wine. These tannins also work as preservatives and help to store wine for as long as you want with wine quality maintained. The more will be the tannins the more will be the age of the wine and vice versa. With time tannins start to settle down in the wine bottle. You can separate them at the time of drinking with the help of a wine decanter.

Taste of red wine

The taste of red wine usually depends upon the variety of grapes used and the aging method. Red fruit in red wine includes strawberry, cherry, cranberry, and raspberry. The black fruit in the red wine is black current, plum, black cherry, and blackberry. A blue fruit in the red wine is a blueberry.

Types of red wine

  • Primitivo
  • Rioja
  • Syrah
  • Chianti
  • Beaujolais

2. White wine

White wine is made from green-skinned grapes and their skin must be removed during a wine fermentation process. Aroma and acid structure plays a very important role in white wine because white wines lack in tannins “a natural preservative from grapes skin.”

Aging of white wine

White wine is usually stored in a barrel made up of stainless steel to keep its flavor and aroma fresh and to maintain wine quality.

Variety of grapes in white wine

Only one type of grapes is used in making the white wine and these grapes are usually produced in Spain, France, and Bordeaux.

Types of white wine

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Chardonnay
  • Riesling

3. Rosé wine

Rosé wine is usually made up of red grapes but the skin is removed from the must after maceration that is usually within 24 hours. A skin imparts very few tannins to wine and wine flavors like red wine (strawberry, cherry, and raspberry) and somewhat like a white wine (like tropical or citrus fruit).

4. Fortified wine

A wine type that is higher in alcohol than any other wine type and is made by adding the grapes spirit to the fully or partially fermented wine and fortified wines are aromatized with botanical and herbs.

5. Sparkling wine

The best type of wine and can have any color like red, rosé, or white. They can be made by using any kind of grapes or by using a variety of grapes. Their sweetness level differs and contains sugar to balance acidity.

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