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What’s in Your Fishing Bag? A Guide to the
Best Fishing Bag and What Should Be in It

A great fishing bag is not just about the bag alone. It is also about the gear that is in it. Fishing can be an incredibly fun and relaxing time for the avid fisherman (or woman). What everyone who loves to fish will tell new beginners is that you need to have the perfect fishing bag with you to take on these little adventures. Some anglers like to head off the beaten path and find those secret hidey-holes where they can spend a few hours on the water getting away from it all. Nothing but them and the sounds of nature. 

When you’re out fishing on the water, your car is not going to be anywhere nearby. This means that the best fishing bag is the bag that can fit in everything you need to carry with you. Before we get into what needs to be in your fishing bag, let’s highlight a few key points that contribute to what a great fishing bag is:

  • As Strong As An Ox - It should be strong, sturdy, and durable. Your fishing bag is going to be out there on the water with you, weathering the same elements.
  • Invest In A Bag of Quality - It should be a bag that is made of great quality. Your fishing bag should be able to take a beating and still hold strong. 
  • Waterproof Bags Are A Must - It should be waterproof, both inside and out. Your bag is going to get wet while it’s out there on the boat with you as the water splashes back and forth. The outer part of the bag should be waterproof, protecting the contents within. 
  • Thick Straps Equal Extra Support - It should be a bag that has thick straps on it. This will make it a lot more comfortable on your back and shoulders if you have to carry it for a distance, depending on how far you need to walk to get to your fishing spot from your car. 
  • LED Lights Come In Handy At Night - If you’re one of those people who love to engage in a bit of night fishing, then the best fishing bag will be the ones that come with LED lights that allow you to see where you’re going and what you’re doing. 
  • Go for Gussets - A great fishing bag will have gussets on the side of the compartments that open up. This will keep all your stuff from falling out, something that will definitely come in handy. The last thing you want is for your stuff to be falling out of your bag and into the water. 
  • Built-in Rain Fly - Your fishing bag is a winner when it comes with a built-in rain fly. You never know when the weather could change in an instant. Wet fishing tackle can be awful to deal with, so a rain fly is something you definitely want to include on your list of what your fishing bag should include when you’re out shopping. 

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Now, let’s look at what should be in your fishing bag. A good angler is someone who is well prepared when they are out there on the water. Before you head out on your fishing trip, check your bag to ensure these essentials are in there:

  • Tackle Boxes - This is an essential item that should be in every fishing bag. Your tackle box is something that is going to come with you on every fishing trip. This is where you store everything you need for a successful fishing trip, from your hooks to your jigs and live bait. When your tackle box is well stocked, you eliminate almost all the problems that anglers tend to come across when they are out there fishing on the water. 
  • Fishing Hooks - You can’t catch fish without your hooks. Fishing hooks are a staple that should be in every fishing bag. Frequent anglers will have an array of hooks in their tackle box that range from small to large. An assortment of hooks like treble hooks, J hooks, circle hooks and more means that you have a bigger choice of the kind of fish you want to catch when you’re out there on the water. You never know when a hook might come in handy and you always want to be well-prepared for anything. 
  • Your Fishing Pole - The next essential item in your fishing bag should be your fishing pole. Picking the right fishing pole is the same as picking out a great fishing bag. Your fishing pole is your tool, and each pole comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Not all poles are created equal, and you need a pole that stands at the correct height, strength, and length. 
  • Extra Fishing Lines - Your fishing line is another crucial piece of equipment that should be in your tackle box. The fishing line options available are monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon. The latter is the most natural type of line to work with, and it is invisible to the fish, so it gives you the advantage of stealth. 
  • Bobbers and Sinkers - To keep your hook and your line on the surface of the water, you need a bobber. Sometimes these are called floaters and they are something that should be included as part of your fishing gear. Sinkers, as the name implies, do the opposite of what your bobbers do. They sink to the bottom of the water surface. You need sinkers in your tackle books because your hook, bait, and line alone are not enough to stay under the water where the fish can see the bait. 
  • Stock Up On Swivels - Swivels are one of those nifty pieces of fishing equipment that is always handy to have around. It keeps your line untwisted and makes tying rigs a breeze, even the complex ones like the Carolina. Swapping out your lures is also a lot easier when you have swivels in your tackle box. Most new anglers are surprised to find that they turn out to be very useful fishing gear indeed. 

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