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Guide To Apply for Food License in India

Facts About FSSAI

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, popularly known as FSSAI, is a free-standing body which is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food in our country. The FSSAI regularly monitors the food products in the Indian market and issues a Food License certifying the quality of the product. The license is issued to any individual or firm who offers for opening a food business. The FSSAI ensures the quality of food adhering to the rules and set guidelines. The FSSAI keeps track of the safety of food, regularly supervising and monitoring the market. Food Safety is the chief concern to remain healthy and prevent diseases caused by the consumption of tainted or low-quality food items.

How do consumers benefit from the FSSAI?

The FSSAI benefits the consumers in the following ways:

  • The assured quality of food products in the market.
  • Improved standards of health.
  • Trustworthy measures on proper hygiene and general food safety.
  • Providing an appropriate food license to any individual or company proposing to get into the food business.
  • Providing better quality and quantity of food to the consumers who were affected by consuming low-quality food.

Types of License issued by FSSAI:

  1. Basic FSSAI License- This type of license is issued to small-sized Food Business Operators (FBOs), with a turnover of less than 12 lakhs like transporters, manufacturers, distributors, storage units, retailers, marketers, etc. by the State Government. This license is valid for 1-5 years.
  2. State FSSAI LicenseThis type of food license in India is issued to FBOs with an annual turnover of 12 lakhs or more by the concerned State Government, valid for 1-5 years.
  3. Central FSSAI LicenseThis type of license is issued to FBOs with an annual turnover of more than 20 crores like importers, large manufacturers, etc. This license is issued by the Central Government. The license is issued for the Head office and other states and is valid for 1-5 years.

Apply for Food License online

Procedure for State and Central License Application:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria mentioned by the FSSAI before applying for a State FSSAI License.
  2. Fill the application form by correctly filling out the necessary details.
  3. All the products must be approved according to the FSS Act, 2006 as mentioned in the license.
  4. Select the number of years you want to apply the license. 
  5. Proceed further and make payment as per your convenience through an online portal or a Demand Draft at the FSSAI state office.

Validity and Renewal of Food License India

The food license is valid for 1-5 years based on the type of FSSAI Licence applied for. The concerned Food Business Operators are required to terminate their activities if the issued license has expired. The Renewal of the food license is required to be applied 30 days in advance, on Form A or Form B. In case of delay or applying for a renewal after the expiry of the existing certificate, a late fee of Rs100 will be charged. 

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