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10 Important Factors to Consider When
Growing Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has gone from the devil’s lettuce and the star of such movies as “This is your brain on drugs” to being a plant internationally renowned for its medicinal qualities. Medicinal cannabis has become the new buzzword in the medical industry. However, access for patients is still quite restrictive. This in conjunction with the ever-changing laws around cannabis today has people turning to grow their own cannabis seeds to produce medicinal cannabis. So here are 10 important factors to consider when growing medicinal cannabis. 

1. Research, research and more research

Before undertaking any project, research is so important. It may even be twice as important when thinking about growing a plant that’s legal status changes from place to place. So whether this is your first bit of cannabis growth research or you have been researching medicinal cannabis since last December, kudos!

2. Rules and Regulations

As mentioned many countries have relaxed their cannabis laws in recent times. Many more plan to further relax their laws to create a recreational cannabis market too. However, each region has different laws on the growth and consumption of cannabis so make sure to inform yourself on what exactly those laws are in your region. 

3. Order Some Cannabis Seeds

Once you are certain you are following all the laws and regulations of your country, it is time to order some seeds. Seeds are legal in most countries (again research people) and can be ordered easily and discreetly online. Many online seed banks offer great offers and deals too.

4. Pick the Right Seeds

Seed selection can get quite technical, but there are three main types of cannabis seeds. They are regular seeds, feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds. Each seed type comes with advantages and disadvantages when growing. It is important to weigh up your seed type to your grow space and time.

5. Know your Strain

Cannabis comes in many different wonderful variations and types. If you are looking to grow medicinal cannabis you must be aware of what effects come with different strains. It is important to look into each strain's genetics thoroughly to find out which is best for medicinal use. 

6. Where to Grow?

The art of cannabis cultivation is no easy task. It is important to consider where you will be growing your plant. Will you have enough space, does your plant flourish better indoors or outdoors or do you want to grow somewhere a little more low-key? All these questions need to be pondered before you take on the task of growing medicinal cannabis seeds. 

7. CBD vs THC

CBD products have blown up in recent years. The cannabinoid has played a huge part in the rise of cannabis in the medical space. CBD has many health benefits but it is not the most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis. THC gives cannabis its psychoactive effects. If you are looking to avoid that ‘high’ feeling and are looking for the health benefits associated with cannabis, growing CBD strains could be a better option for you. 

8. How Will you Consume your Medicinal Cannabis 

Cannabis can be consumed in many different ways. It can be smoked, eaten and even consumed in oil form. Each form of consumption results in different effects. It will take some time to figure out which method of consumption suits you best. 

9. Medicinal Cannabis Access Programs

If you have been prescribed medicinal cannabis by your GP you may be able to avoid all the stress of growing cannabis by availing of your country’s medicinal cannabis access programs. Rules differ from place to place but you can rest assured you’ll be getting an extremely high-quality product as it has been grown by experts who have attained a growers license. 

10. Cannabis isn’t a miracle substance

It is well documented how many medicinal benefits are contained in the cannabis plant. Many such as myself love to see how much mainstream attention and love cannabis gets in the media today. However, it is important not to fall victim to some of the misconceptions that float around the internet. Cannabis is a wonderful plant but it unfortunately is not a one-stop solution to any medical problem. The plant affects everybody differently and it is important to form your own opinions. 

These are all 10 important factors to consider when growing medicinal cannabis. There are undoubtedly many more things to consider before you buy yourself some cannabis seeds. Before you grow your very own batch of medicinal cannabis, the most important thing is to give yourself the best head start by informing yourself of your region’s rules and regulations as well as the complex plant that is cannabis.

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