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7 Tips for Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Indoors and Why Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

Autoflowers are currently taking the cannabis market to different levels because of their quick growth rate and high yield. Producing autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors is quite a straightforward thanks to the great qualities of autos.

Unlike traditional cannabis plants, one does not need to worry about the photoperiod for autoflowering plants because they are not dependent on external factors to help them flower.

Here are some tips for growing autoflowers indoors...

1. Choose the Right Variety for You

When it comes to cannabis, genetics play an essential part in determining your final yield result. Choosing the best variety for you depends on the end-use of the cannabis you are growing. Whether you are going to smoke for medical reasons, or just to get blazed, the auto you choose will play a crucial role in the kind of smoke you get.

Some of the best varieties to get you to a good high include Royal Gorilla Automatic or Royal Cookies Automatic. If you are going to use your cannabis for medicinal purposes, then you should choose a variety with low THC, such as Solomatic CBD.

It is also important to consider how the variety grows. Others grow faster than others, and some varieties are known to require much less maintenance than others. If you’re a beginner, it is best to grow plants that do not require much maintenance.

2. Use a Stimulant for the Roots

If you use a root stimulant immediately after planting your seed, it will enable your plant to develop a great root system. Adding in stimulants will assist your plant in setting up faster a healthy root system that it needs to grow properly. However, you should take care not to do this too much as you may risk overfeeding your seedling.

3. Do Not Repot

Even though there are numerous advantages to autos, they do not have a very long lifespan. Therefore, try to be careful and not repot them because this may subject them to a lot of stress or prevent them from growing well. Traditional cannabis can be repotted, and this may cause it to go back to its vegetative state.

However, autos will keep on flowering, and repotting them will subject them to shock and stress. Because autoflowering cannabis doesn’t grow too tall, you will not need to use big pots to plant them in. Even then, the right sized pot will allow the root of the plant to have enough space to move and grow.

4. Check the Soil Conditions

It is better to plant your autos in soil that is light and airy. This kind of soil contains fewer nutrients. Photoperiod plants require much more nutrients to grow than autos strains.

For autos, you will need to ensure that the soil is lightly fertilized and that the soil is not too compact.

If the soil is too compact, it will prevent the roots of the plant from growing well and missing out on the required amounts of air. If you can make your soil mix, then you will better be in control of the condition it is in.

5. Embrace the SOG (Sea of Green) Method

This method of planting will generally enable you to grow many smaller plants in your specified grow area to get the maximum yield out of your harvest. Because autos do not grow tall, it is best to plant them using this method. 

The best way to maximize on this method is to ensure that you fit as many plants as you can into each square meter that you can. While doing this method, it is still important to ensure that the pots you use are a good size for the plants and their roots.

6. Flush

The process of flushing happens when you stop feeding nutrients to your plants and only give them water in the last week before you harvest your yield. This ensures that you have gotten rid of any chemicals or mineral salts in the plant. 

When this is done, the plant will be forced to take in nutrients from the soil. Flushing ensures that you improve the quality of the smoke that you get. Since all chemicals are being drained from the plant, you will be getting pure smoke and not chemicals.

7. Don’t Overfeed Your Plants

Contrary to what manufacturers of cannabis nutrients may make you believe, it is not necessary to constantly supply your plants with nutrients. Autos grow better with a small supply of nutrients and can go through the phases of growth without needing too many extra nutrients. Take note that the soil you’re planting already has its nutrients.

Why Cannabis is Better and Safer than Alcohol

Even though many people do not agree with this, cannabis is much safer than alcohol. It contains properties that are beneficial to us, some of which are medicinal. Here are some reasons why cannabis is better...

  • Lower Death Toll
    Worldwide, alcohol abuse caused the loss of life to more than 3 million people in 2016. These numbers include people who succumbed to alcohol poisoning, strokes, or cancer as a result of alcohol. Cannabis use, however, caused fewer deaths. Of course, some are not careful and drive while high or cause accidents, but deaths caused by alcohol are far more prevalent.
  • Chronic Illnesses
    A lot of long-term illnesses come from alcohol. These include breast cancer, colon cancer, and epilepsy. These can be caused by the excessive and long-term use of alcohol. On the other hand, illnesses caused by cannabis are limited to lung cancer.

    This mostly happens when cannabis is mixed with tobacco. The most severe cases caused by cannabis are psychotic episodes, but very few people get to that point. 

  • Depression and Anxiety
    Using marijuana too much may escalate these conditions. However, many people who suffer from these conditions report relief with the use of marijuana. Even though it not frequently prescribed by medical doctors as a relief to these conditions, the benefits cannot be ignored.

    Furthermore, in areas where cannabis is legal, doctors use it for therapeutic reasons because it helps people with issues such as chronic pain and nausea.

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