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Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy in Rehab

Therapy is an integral part of recovery in rehab. Therapy uses psychological ideologies to help clients feel better or grow stronger, especially after substance abuse or illness. You or a loved one may seek therapy to change what you do or rethink how you see things. But how will you know whether to choose group or individual therapy?

Below are the differences between these therapies that will guide you in making wise decisions. 

What Group Therapy Entails

Group therapy involves clients receiving treatment from at least one therapist. Group sizes depend on the services or type of therapy a rehab offers. In many cases, experts would recommend five to 15 clients per session. 

Working together as a team with the guidance of a therapist makes group therapy a powerful therapeutic tool. Through each session, clients develop trust among themselves and become more comfortable expressing their feelings.

Group therapy explores a multitude of engaging topics, fostering a space for mutual learning and growth. To delve into the specifics of each session, interact with expert therapists at

Advantages of Group Therapy

  • Assurance that you’re not on this journey alone and others have similar problems.
  • Enjoy the experience of receiving and giving support. 
  • An opportunity to incorporate and widen your perspectives.
  • You get to develop socialization and communication skills. 
  • Self-awareness from listening and learning from others.
  • You’re in a great and safe place to discuss your weakness and feelings openly.
  • Get a chance to model the behaviors of other friends or loved ones experiencing similar issues.

Disadvantages of Group Therapy 

  • The program doesn’t focus on a single client making it hard to deal with more confidential issues.
  • High possibility for a breach of confidentiality.
  • A client may likely ride on the success of others, especially if they are unmotivated.
  • The therapeutic connection between a client and therapist may not be that strong.
  • It is less flexible and won’t fit into your day-to-day schedule.

What Is Individual Therapy? 

Individual therapy occurs when only one client works with a therapist or counselor. The chosen therapist helps clients work through different situations, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a professional service, meaning you don’t get advice from family, friends, or colleagues. 

Individual therapy can work effectively in a substance abuse treatment plan. You’ll find the cause of your addiction and possible solutions as the sessions focus on instilling the skills necessary to overcome your problems. Individual therapy sessions embrace different strategies to get the desired results. A client will go through contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing, among other techniques.

Advantages of Individual Therapy

  • Information shared during each session remains private and confidential.
  • The sessions are customized to meet the needs of a specific client.
  • It promises a stronger therapeutic connection.
  • A client will relish flexible scheduling by arranging a time for each session and a location.
  • Easy and quick to book therapy sessions or appointments.
  • You’ll receive and enjoy full attention from the therapist. 
  • Therapy sessions are more comprehensive to deliver positive outcomes.
  • It presents an opportunity to develop your communication skills.

Disadvantages of Individual Therapy 

  • Relatively expensive as a client has to cater to all the requirements of the therapy.
  • It doesn’t present an opportunity to hear from other people struggling with a similar problem.
  • Less effective if one is not properly motivated. 

Group or Individual Therapy - Which Way to Go?

You have a clear overview of group and individual therapy, as well as their key pros and cons. Both are effective solutions for addressing substance use issues, but your choice will depend on your needs. It’s more rewarding to try both treatments and see what works or feels right. Also, the rehab center you choose should guide you in the right direction.

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