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5 Reasons Why Group Fitness Classes
Are Great for Exercise Motivation

Group Fitness Classes

You may think that if you have an exercise bike in your basement or access to a fitness app, you do not need to leave the house to work out.

However, chances are that stationary bike is more of a clothes hanger, and you are more likely to be scrolling through social media than working out with your phone.

Fitness classes are a great way to get out of the house and really kick up your fitness regimen.

Here are five reasons why it is worth it to join a class and work out with a group instead of alone.

1. Accountability

Whether it's weekly Pilates class or Zumba five nights a week at a health and fitness club, when you are part of a group you have accountability.

If you don't show up, your friends will call you on it! If you are especially vigorous one day, they will pat you on the back. If your biceps have grown, they will compliment you. 

This kind of positive peer pressure helps you get into the routine and stick to it. Instead of skipping a workout, the reactions of your fellow class members will motivate you to get to class, even when you would rather stay home and eat cake. 

2. Motivation

Working out in fitness classes amps up your motivation to keep going and improving.

You will see how you are performing in the mirror, and compare yourself to others. When you want to quit, you will see Zelda across the room, going strong - and you will refuse to give up! 

Class instructors also give extra oomph. They will call your name, encourage you, and push you just a little bit harder. You can't get that by working out by yourself in front of a video. 

3. Friendship

You may be surprised, but many people make life long friends with the people they meet in fitness classes.

You are all jumping around, sweating like fools, and probably not looking your best. These people get to know the real you!

You see each other regularly, on good days and bad. You end up sharing your struggles, not only to get fit and lose weight but about everything.

Going to fitness classes is good for your social life and peace of mind as well as your body.

4. Stimulation

Good fitness classes vary from week to week. A good instructor will use different music and change up their routines.

When a work out is the same every day, people get bored and quit. Look for a fitness class that keeps you stimulated by changing it up regularly. It's better for your body, too, to use different muscle groups and move in different directions and ways.

5. Variety

Variety is the spice of life. You wouldn't eat the same meal every day, so you shouldn't work out the same way every day either.

Your body needs different kinds of exercise for allover fitness. When you take fitness classes, you can alternate between yoga and boxing, Barre, and HIIT.

Keep challenging yourself! You can experience the styles of different instructors, too. 

Fitness Classes: The Best Way to Exercise

When you sign up for fitness classes, you can expect a lot more than to sweat once a week. It can help you change your entire mindset about exercise, making it an important part of your life!

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