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A Few Natural Ways to Control Blood Pressure Without Medication

By Bob Grobe

High blood pressure can lead to a myriad of more severe health problems. It is estimated that high blood pressure contributes to at least fifteen percent of deaths that occur within the U.S. alone.

Those who are diagnosed with high blood pressure are usually prescribed some form of medication. However, many individuals feel uneasy with the side effects that come along with taking daily pills. While changes in medication should always be discussed with a doctor, it is good to know that there are alternative solutions.

Several safe and natural methods can be used to decrease and control blood pressure. In turn, these natural methods will help reduce the likelihood of experiencing complications related to high blood pressure such as heart attack or strokes.

What natural techniques work to control blood pressure?

Deep Breathing Exercises
As simple as it might sound, deep breathing exercises are actually a great tool for controlling blood pressure. Yoga and tai chi are two very common deep breathing exercises often utilized for this very reason.

Deep breathing and heavy breathing are not the same things. The act of deep breathing is often referred to as abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. Performing diaphragmatic breathing may seem somewhat unnatural at first, but once mastered it can have lasting results. How exactly does this breathing effect blood pressure?

By performing exercises that encourage abdominal breathing the body is forced to pull in all of the oxygen that it requires before releasing carbon dioxide waste. This process steadily decreases heart rate as well as peripheral resistance[1]. Together, these effects help increase blood flow and decrease blood pressure.

Herbs or Supplements
Several herbs can have a positive impact on blood pressure. These herbs may be added naturally to meals or taken in an extracted form within supplements. A few noteworthy herbs are basil, garlic, and flaxseed.

  • Flaxseed is particularly helpful because it has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. These can also be found in some types of fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to lower blood pressure in addition to their many other health benefits. Flaxseed can be easily added to any meal.
  • Basil has also been noted as lowering blood pressure, but its effects are more short-lived than that of flaxseed. Still, it is a healthy addition to just about any meal.
  • As for garlic, studies have shown that it helps relax blood vessels and cause them to dilat[2]. The relaxation and dilation result in a decrease in blood pressure. Some people do not enjoy the taste of garlic and instead, choose to take garlic capsules or a natural supplement that contains garlic extract.

Daily Exercise
Daily cardiovascular exercise will have a profound impact on your blood pressure. It also helps reduce body fat and lower the risk of many other health problems. About thirty minutes of daily cardiovascular exercise is recommended for controlling blood pressure. It can be light walking, jogging, or even pilates.

Cardiovascular exercise helps because it improves circulation of the blood while increasing the capacity of your lungs.

Cardiovascular exercise is also a great way to lose weight. This helps control blood pressure levels as well. Obesity decreases blood circulation and increases stress on the heart. This leads to an increase in blood pressure and an increase in an individual’s potential of developing a more severe problem because of high blood pressure.

It Is Possible Without Medication
Controlling your blood pressure without relying on medication is entirely possible. Daily breathing exercises followed by light cardiovascular exercise is a great place to start. Eating a healthy diet with a few essential herbs has also proven beneficial. Whether these remedies allow you to discontinue medications or simply act as a supplement to a healthier lifestyle, the benefits are many, and the risks are few.

About the Author
Bob Grobe is the president of Healthy Living Products, helping people across the globe to enjoy improved health and a higher quality of life for more than 40 years. His blog at provides lots of great information about healthy living topics and the advantages they provide you with.
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