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Greg Chappell: Quotes on Cricket,
Life, and Success Story

Greg Chappell

Cricket is a huge multi-billion dollar industry that attracts people from different countries and cultures. Professional cricket places have become idols for the younger generation. Anyone interested in cricket knows such popular and skilled modern cricketers as Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, and Rohit Sharma.

However, in today’s article, we would like to focus on the legend of cricket that influenced this sport enormously, Greg Chappell. Despite being retired for a long time now, cricket lovers should always remember his accomplishments.

Early Years of Greg Chappell

Greg was born in 1948 and had several bothers. As he recalls, he has always been interested in cricket. His father was also a cricketer, and that is why Greg started training as soon as he could walk. He plaid his first match when he was eight years old at his school. Greg started showing his talent from early childhood. His coach described him as possibly the finest all-round schoolboy cricketer in his experience.

From School Cricketer to the Best Batsman in the World

Alongside his brothers, Greg Chappell started his first-class cricket career in 1966. As for his stats, they were great even then. For example, playing two seasons for the county, he managed to score 2493 first-class runs at a moderate average of 30.

In 1970 he started his career in Test Matches. Having earned his place on the trip to New Zealand with the Australian team, it was his ticket to professional cricket. During this time, there were some difficulties for Greg Chappell. He plaid inconsistently, and it did not let him enter the next level. Moreover, he harshly criticizes the media.

That is when he changed his approach. Greg invented a new method: he plaid the ball exclusively in a narrow arc between mid-off and mid-on until he felt he had his eye in. This change gave great results: his scores started to become higher and higher with each game. He became the leading batsman for the Australian team and was on the rise of his cricket career.

During the years 1973-1975, he was a cricketer for Queensland Cricket Team. He had to move to Brisbane. Unfortunately, during this period, Greg Chappell got seriously sick. He has severe tonsillitis. It influenced his performance during the 1974-1975 Ashes series not in the best way.

However, after being fully healed, he decided to go back to the Australian cricket team. His performance during the season in 1975-1976 was outstanding and he was appointed the team captain as a result.

The biggest success of Greg Chappell's career happened in 1977-1979. During the World Series Cricket, he peeled off 45 and 90 in Barbados, 7 and 150 in Trinidad, 113 in Guyana, and finished his WSC career with 104 and 85 in Antigua, all scored against an attack. As for the official information, during that period Greg Chappell scored five hundred in 14 Supertests and a total of 1415 runs at 56.6 average.

After his retirement in the early eighties, Greg Chappell did not give up the cricket world completely. In 1984, he became a selector for the Australian team and also a member of the Australian Cricket Board. Cricket lovers agree that Greg did great on these positions and initiated important changes in cricket in general.

Greg Chappell's Coaching Experience

It is also important to recognize that Greg Chappell was not only one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He was also a coach. For example, in the nineties, he held a coaching position at the Australian Cricket Team. That period is controversial as many failed to see how Greg Chappell helped the team. During that period, the Australian team did not win a single trophy.

In 2005, Greg Chappell was appointed as coach for the Indian team. For that, Greg received an enormous amount of backlash in the media. Both other coaches and players criticized Greg for his methods and failure to lead the team to the winning. India left the World Cup in the first run in that year. Moreover, he was not particularly popular with the players of the team. Many senior cricketers, including Tendulkar, failed to understand his approach.

Greg Chappell’s Personality

As for the personality of Greg Chappel, it was also always a matter of controversy. For example, he was criticized by the cricket community numerous times for his harsh comments about other players. For instance, he made this comment on the technique of Rohit Sharma: “I'd like to see him go out and bat one day with a stump. I tell you that's what he's been doing all this while”.

As for the personal life of the cricketer, he married his wife in 1971. The couple is still married and has three kids together.

Greg Chappell is one of the most important figures in the history of cricket. Despite the controversies that followed Greg his entire career, few would disagree that he was a great batsman who impacted the cricket community. His outstanding performance as a captain led the Australian cricket national team to success numerous times. Such skilled modern cricketers as Virat Kohli still use the technique of Greg Chappel for themselves. Greg Chappell will always be remembered as one of the best batsmen in the cricket history of all time.

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