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Great Workout Machines to Add to Your Home

With the current pandemic limiting what and where we can do, exercising is harder than ever for many people. At the same time obtaining the positive effects of exercising on your physical and mental health has become everyone’s concern. That old and squeaky stationary bike that used to collect dust in your granny’s basement is not going to cut it, you need something better for a home gym.


Running is the preferred cardio exercise for many people, but when confined to your home you can only run in circles, very small circles. Or you can run in place on a treadmill. Modern treadmills have very few things in common with those of the past. Besides speed settings, many treadmills provide the ability to adjust their incline, simulating an uphill run.

Some are even unmotorized for a more realistic simulation of outdoor jogging and running. You can also find models that besides monitors for various telemetry values provide video instructions and fun games to play while running on them. Though treadmills come with the drawback of being lower body focused.


Modern stationary bikes are a far cry from the experience your parents were subjected to. Low impact cardio exercise is the advantage of stationary bikes, and because these days we all sit while working, the knee and hip-friendly exercise they provide is a blessing. Many modern stationary bikes offer integration with various well-being devices and monitors, such as smartwatches and bands.

Staying fit with low-impact training always comes down to being motivated to push yourself to exert the necessary effort. Modern stationary bikes very often come with screens on which you can follow the trainer’s instructions or monitor your performance for this purpose. Just as with treadmills, stationary bikes put focus on your lower body.


Rowing is one of the physical activities that almost fully engages your body, per some studies up to 80% of your muscles get active during rowing. In absence of a suitable body of water, home rowing machines are the next best thing. Modern rowing machines are pieces of high-tech exercise equipment, such as hydrow, and provide both aerobic and resistance training.

Old clunky and noisy rowing machines are thing of the past, modern ones are almost silent and actually easy to store away when they are not in use. Rowing engages most of your body, both upper and lower, thus giving you the most complete fitness routine you can have at home.


When it comes to resistance training at home you can either go with free weights, a dozen or so specialized machines, or with a multifunction home gym machine that combines every possible resistance training capability in a relatively small package. The pec deck, lat pull, preacher bench, leg extension, and many more machines can be incorporated in these.

The drawback of these is that they provide only resistance training, and for aerobic exercise, you will still need to find a suitable solution.

Physical exercise has beneficial effects on both mental and physical health, which are important particularly in the world where we are surrounded by various stresses of everyday life. Finding a way and space to exercise is a bit of a chore, with gyms and public spaces providing very limited options due to health safety measures. Getting a home workout machine thus is the next best option.

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