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The Surprising Health Benefits of Camping


By Scarlet Gratton

If you’re already a fan of camping then you don’t really need any convincing to do it. If, however, you’ve never done it or don’t really see anything special about it, you might want to reconsider that attitude. Camping is not only a lot of fun, but also has a number of mental and physical benefits—benefits which are quickly manifested.

Improved sleep


One of the most striking things that people notice when camping is how much better they sleep when in nature. It’s rather logical, taking into consideration that you move away from the usual business and the noise of the urban setting. Instead, you soak in the quiet and serenity of nature, breathe in much cleaner air and fall asleep with a clear mind, unburdened with the problems of the everyday life.

Relaxation and unwinding

Camping is a perfect opportunity to (temporarily) let go of the thousands of little annoying issues and problems which somehow never seem to want to go away without our intervention. You’re able to start focusing more on yourself and you become more aware of the amount of tension you’ve been subject to before you can finally relax your body and take a deep breath. You can be fully present in the moment and let your senses be wooed by the beauty around them.

Physical activity


Another fantastic thing about this specific activity is that it gives you a chance to move more. Long walks through a forest or along a riverbank, or playing sports with friends and family, doing exercise in nature, or organizing yoga sessions are just some of the available options. Camping is therefore a really good idea, particularly for people who generally spend a lot of time at work sitting at a desk. One more advantage here is that you get to breathe more fresh air. Another physical activity would be gathering firewood, and you can learn the best use for camping saws during your camping trip.

Strengthening relationships

As we know, health doesn’t just imply our physical state, but mental as well. Mental health is influenced by so many factors, among which are also our relationships. Camping gives you an excellent excuse to work on them and make them even stronger. Find yourself good camping gear, call your friends or family members, and head for the woods. All the activities you will be engaged in together will only bring you closer. It will be a great memory that you will all share.

Eating healthier food


A great benefit of camping is that it can also keep you away from unhealthy food and make you alter your nutrition, at least for a while. Clearly, fast food will not be within your reach, so you won’t resort to it. It’s a chance to eat more vegetables and fruit, fish, and other healthy foods instead of loading yourself with sugary or greasy meals. Steer away from packing a lot of harmful snacks and food in boxes and bags and turn to making your own meals with fresh ingredients.


Many people notice that while in nature they are suddenly more able to reconnect with themselves and with what is surrounding them. It gives you time to reflect on things and rediscover yourself, get back in touch with the actual version of you, unburdened by the constant pile of obligations and responsibilities. It may give you a chance to get answers about what you’re missing in your life, remind you that you need to start treating yourself better and do more of what’s good for you.

Better mood


If you’re regularly moody, grumpy or worried, spending more time in nature is definitely something to consider. The issues from the everyday, outside world are no longer so relevant and don’t affect you as strongly. You’re able to forget about them and simply focus on having a good time doing whatever you happen to be doing at a given moment: eating, walking, having a laugh with a friend, watching the stars, listening to the birds. It won’t take long for your mood to start improving.

If you’ve never been camping and are still having doubts about it, trying it and experiencing its advantages yourself will be all the convincing you need to become a passionate camper.

Scarlet Gratton Scarlet Gratton is a passionate writer and regular contributor at interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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