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Looking Beyond the Smoke
- the Anatomy of Good Snus

Smoking is often seen as a sin, however many are committed to the practice. Mark Twain undoubtedly believed so and made it clear enough from one of his declarations - “If I cannot smoke in heaven, I shall not go.”

Another prolific writer, a firm frontline leader, a legendary statesman and political member, had a renowned reputation for smoking premium cigars. In fact he was the one who pioneered airborne smoking! You guessed it right… he is none other than Sir Winston Churchill.

The only difference then, was one had to walk up to the local store for a worthwhile remedy for their smoking desires. Today, the buying process for tobacco and smoking products is made easy by great online smokers stores. If you have been using tobacco for years or are just a beginner, it’s worth having knowledge under your belt. Today, we take an overview of options on for online smoke supplies in regards to Tobacco General and what goes on around the products.

Tobacco General Snus

Tobacco General is an online retailer of tobacco related products like pipe tobacco, premium cigars and tobacco accessories. First manufactured in 1866, Tobacco General Snus by and large defines a brand for Swedish Snus, sourced from major Snus manufacturer Swedish Match. It is gaining quick fame in U.S. due to supposedly fewer health risks.

What is Swedish Snus?

Tobacco seems to be mounting to seize a grip of the e-cigarettes sphere, however, most people know little about this seven-hundred-year old tobacco product from Europe with a big potential.

Snus, pronounced "snoose," resembles US-style dipping tobacco or a moist tobacco placed inside the upper lip and comes in teabag-like pouches. Predominantly manufactured and used in Sweden (banned across the rest of the European Union) as a smokeless and spitless option to help give up smoking.

What are various types of Swedish Snus?

Let us understand the generic types of Swedish Snus and what actually they characterise, particularly in terms of Tobacco General. You can check pricing details at Northerner.

Loose/Los/lös - This traditional way to enjoy snus, can be ground, single cut (tobacco is cut and not ground) and pre-baked. It is easy to pop inside your lip.

Original Portion - Regular size (0.7-1 grams), mini size (half the regular size) and maxi (over 1 gram). There is also a slim size (longer and slimmer original portion) sometimes as a perforated portion, with little holes for earlier discharge of aroma.

White Portion - An original portion missing a step where extra moisture is added at the end of its manufacturing. Dryer, milder on the palate, slower nicotine delivery and long lasting flavour, characterises the white portion. Comes in mini or regular size, white dry format or a slim white dry format providing more comfort in the lip. Also, the perforated format is available for quicker release of flavour.

Tobacco General offers significant online choices of Swedish Snus with quick UPS shipping and is available in portion and white portion variants. The packaging comes with used portion compartment that’s concealed under the logo in the lid. Here are the snus types you can order online from Northerner.

  • General Portion – Peppery tobacco taste with notes of lemon that combine with an earthy taste and hints of tea, hay and leather, comes in a full size moist pouch for a quick and strong flavour release.
  • General White – Spicy tobacco taste with hints of citrus zest from lemon/grapefruit notes of bergamot and comes in full-size dry pouch with moist content for a low salvation and a lasting flavour release. Comfortable in lips for over 2 hours.
  • General Wintergreen – This white portion has a mellow tobacco taste with distinctive notes of healthy wintergreen aroma and comes in full-size dry pouch with moist content for a low salvation and a lasting flavour release that is slightly sweet, mild and pleasant.
  • General Dry Mint – This white portion snus variant has a mellow tobacco taste with hints of vanilla and green herbs along with cool peppermint notes. It comes in a small dry pouch with a semidry content for a lasting flavour release that is subtly earthy. It should not be kept inside the lips for more than 20 minutes.
  • General Mint – This white portion snus’ taste is similar to that of dry mint above and comes in full-size dry pouch with moist content for a low salvation and a lasting flavour release with a cooling sensation, followed by a quick pleasurable buzz from the nicotine. You can pop one and go asleep as it does not drip for 8 hours.

Are there any side effects of using Snus?

Hanging out with friends over a pint in pub or stick of nicotine gum never had as much social appeal as smoking did. Snus is a great way for ex-smokers or smokers who plan to quit but fail despite using patches, gums or just being a cold turkey! It is clear from various researches that snus can increase the success rate of quitting cigarette smoking by 50%. Also, snus making process is such that cancer-causing elements are significantly lowered.

However, as the warning on the lid reads, “The product can cause mouth cancer”, there are some if not many adverse-effects on health that can come about from using snus. Let’s look at what they are:

  • Snus can be addictive as compared to nicotine free remedies.
  • Though the nicotine content in snus is quite small but it can still cause slight dizziness, abdominal pain and bloating or nausea in some people if overdosed.

Remember, snus is less harmful than smoking tobacco but not completely safe. However, for avid smokers who are finding it hard to kick the butt, it can be a perfect choice. Every habit is harmful if not done in moderation and the same is true if snus. So, if you are thinking about getting into snus, enjoy responsibly.

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