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Golf Rangefinder Benefits

Many golfers think of buying different kinds of equipment from golf clubs to fancy shoes. But, do you consider having a rangefinder in your golf bag?

I am asking this question because your success in the course will heavily depend on how accurately you are getting the distances. It is an essential gadget to have in your arsenal so that you can make an informed decision before each shot you take. You are taking the guesswork out of the equation just by merely having a decent rangefinder.

By having such a device, you know precisely how long you should hit a ball which can immensely help in your game and give you an edge over other players who don’t possess it.

So you see how this one thing, i.e., knowing how far you should hit a ball can make a difference. Crazy right! But, some golfers cannot even imagine playing golf without knowing it. You can watch Mark's video where he describes how he finds difficulty playing without having a golf rangefinder.

Now, let’s dive into some further benefits that a typical rangefinder can offer to help clear your last doubt you have in your mind.

Provides Precise Yardage Measurements

The key benefit of using a golf rangefinder is the precise measurement it provides. When lining up a shot, whether it be on the tee or fairway, judging the distance to the intended target is very important. Get that wrong and the whole shot is likely to be poor.

The measurement does not always have to be to your intended target. You may want to know the exact distance to a hazard, such as a bunker or a lake. Knowing the distance to a bunker or lake will allow you to make the correct club selection to either hit the ball over the hazard or lay-up ahead of the hazard.

Using a golf rangefinder takes the guessing away from the sport. You no longer need to worry about trying to work out exactly how far it is to the pin. You can play the shot with confidence knowing you have the exact distance and the correct club in your hands.


As the technology has developed, golf rangefinders have become smaller. This makes them easier to carry and you do not have to keep them in your golf bag. There was a time when you would have to pull the rangefinder from your bag and this was not conducive to fast play.

However, golf rangefinders are now much smaller and you can wear them comfortably on your person during a round. Whether it is hanging around your neck or in your pocket, the rangefinder is close to hand at all times.

This even helps to speed up play. Rather than having to look at the scorecard, locate the yardage marker and try and work out the distance you need to hit the ball, just pull out the rangefinder. It will do all the work for you in an instant.

Blind Spots

There may be times on the golf course when you cannot see what is in-front of you on the hole. It could be because you are behind some trees or because of a large mound or hill on the golf course. Either way, it is impossible to see what awaits you on the other side and you do not have time to walk there and find out.

A GPS golf rangefinder allows you to visualize what you are aiming toward when you cannot see it using the naked eye. So, instead of having to make your best guess at where to hit the ball and what club to use, you can take an accurate reading using the rangefinder.


If you invest in a golf rangefinder which has a slope feature, you will be able to measure both distance and elevation. So, instead of only knowing the distance to the hole, you will know the distance to the hole considering the elevation.

Instead of just a straight line distance, the distance is calculated using the slope to provide a more accurate reading. This removes any guessing from your golf game but keep in mind you cannot use a rangefinder with slope reading during tournament play.


Having mapped out the golf rangefinder benefits it is good to know the cost. Thankfully, golf rangefinders are available at very competitive prices. You can purchase a good quality rangefinder for under $150 which is great value considering the benefits listed above.

In fact, if you are happy to buy at the bottom end of the scale, you can pick up a golf rangefinder for under $50. Be aware these may not have a full set of features but it is a good place to start if you are on a budget.


Thanks to the low price of golf rangefinders and the great benefits, there is no reason for any golfer to be without one. They provide accurate distance measurement, something which is not always possible using the naked eye. This provides confidence in both the distance the ball needs to travel and the club required to play the shot.

Thanks to the improvement in technology, golf rangefinders are becoming smaller and easier to carry. You can keep it on your person during a round and never know it is there, making for faster play on the course.

Complete with additional features such as slope reading and GPS tracking for blind spots, the golf rangefinder is becoming a common sight on the golf course. To get a full list of top rangefinder in the market and get their review you can check out this source -

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