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Golf for Dummies.
Everything You Need to Know About Golf

Stop! You found what you were looking for! If you don't already know anything about golf, here's a quick beginner's guide to golf.

A brief history of golf

Golf appeared 1000 years ago in China, but the modern version of the game originated in Scotland in the 1400s. The first official mention of golf was in 1457, when the Scottish Parliament banned the game as it distracted from military training, which harmed the country's national security. Apparently the Scots preferred golf to the art of archery.

Modern golf and the first golf clubs appeared in Scotland. The first written rules of golf were also created there. The first well-conceived tournaments were held between Scottish cities. Soon the game of golf spread throughout England, and then around the world. The oldest golf course is Old Links at the Musselborough Racecourse.

Basic golf terms

  • Hole (hole) - 1 - one playing field from tee to green inclusive; 2 - groove in the green, into which the ball is driven.
  • Golf tee - 1 - area on the course, from where the game begins on each hole; 2 - a stand made of wood or plastic, on which it is allowed to place the ball in order to perform the first stroke on each hole.
  • A fairway is a medium-length grass area that occupies most of the playing field between the tee and the green.
  • Green is the area with the shortest soft grass directly around the hole.
  • Rough - A “wild” patch of tall grass with trees, specially left on the sides of the fairway. The ball hitting the raf is much more difficult to knock out.
  • Bunker - A sand trap specially made on the field to make the player's task more difficult. Bunkers can be located on fairways or next to greens.
  • A hazard is an element of the playing field, specially constructed or deliberately left on it (bunker, water barrier) in order to complicate the game.
  • Stroke - A swing (swing movement) with the intention of hitting the ball. You keep track of the account, but you count the strokes. It should also be remembered that a miss on the ball can be considered a stroke.
  • Divot (divot) - a piece of turf, knocked out on impact.
  • Clubhouse (clubhouse) - a building on a golf course, which usually combines administration offices, changing rooms, lounges, bar, restaurant for players and guests.
  • The driving range is a separate area for handling long-range impacts.
  • Putting green practice green - a ground with short - like on ordinary greens - grass, in which several holes are cut. Located off the playing field, usually near the driving range.

Scoring (account management):

  • Ace (ace) / hole-in-one (hol-in-one) - hitting the hole with the first (one) hit.
  • Eagle - the number of strokes in one hole is 2 strokes lower than the par of this hole.
  • Birdie - the number of strokes on one hole is one less than par.
  • Par (par) is a conditional standard used to calculate the result and assess the level of players. Par is the number of strokes that a golfer must hit on one hole or the entire course if he plays well.
  • Bogey - The number of strokes on one hole is one more than the par.
  • Double (triple, quadruple) bogey - the number of strokes on one hole is two (three, four) more than par.
  • Handicap (handicap) - a figure indicating the level of skill of a golfer, calculated according to a rather complex system and allows you to level the chances of beginners and experienced athletes.

Golf clubs and golf equipment

While good golf clubs and equipment will improve your game, they don't really matter if you're new to golf. Your first golf clubs can fray, scratch or even break, so don't spend a fortune on a good set until you get the hang of the game. Also, remember that there is always the possibility that you will not feel very well in this sport.

Beginner tip:

  • Borrow golf clubs from a friend;
  • Rent a set at the golf club;
  • Buy used golf clubs from EBay and similar sites;
  • Don't buy a complete set. For a start, the following types of golf clubs are suitable: wood, 2 or 3 irons, sand or wage and putter.

It is also very important to take some golf lessons. Many people say that golf is initially not intuitively understandable, so you need to train your body so that the technique of the game becomes natural for you. It is very important at this stage for the coach to correct mistakes and give appropriate recommendations.

Either way, golf lessons from a professional are much better than any golf tutorial.

Golf tournaments

If you are really starting to play sports, then, most likely, you will discover watching tournaments on TV, maybe even visit some of them in person.

Below are the main well-known professional golf tournaments with their brief descriptions:

Four Majors - an annual series of four of the most prestigious men's professional golf tournaments:

  • The Masters Tournaments are held annually in early April, invariably at the Augusta National Golf Club.
  • US Open is held in mid-June on various fields in the United States.
  • The Open is held in mid-July at various golf courses in England and Ireland. The tournament is also known as the British Open.
  • The PGA Championship is held in mid-August at various golf courses in the eastern United States.

The Ryder Cup takes place at the end of September.

You can also visit or participate in amateur tournaments (if handicap allows) to experience this mesmerizing, unifying golf atmosphere. At Bet9ja, you can bet on this sport and more.

Golf rules

In golf, there are few official documents governing the rules of golf. The main international rules of golf approved by the sports association R&A Rules Limited (St. Andrews, Scotland) and the US Golf Association (Far Hills, NJ) .

Golf etiquette

Golf is the most sophisticated sport where etiquette must be followed with utmost care.

Here are some basic golf etiquette tips for beginner golfers:

  • Do not talk while hitting someone;
  • Do not move on another player's line of play;
  • Do not hit the ball if you see a group in front of you;
  • Don't get angry after every unsuccessful blow;
  • Don't be late / come on time;
  • Enjoy.

What is a handicap?

Handicap is a measure of a golfer's skill, the lower it is, the more powerful the player is in front of you. Handicaps can be used in any format of the game, but only among amateurs, in professional golf there is no handicap system.

The handicap is calculated according to certain rules based on the rounds played by the golfer, subject to certain requirements (qualifying rounds). The handicap system allows players of different levels to compete on an equal footing.

Most golf courses are not allowed to be played on a course without a gadicap not higher than that established by a particular club. Typically, for women, the playing handicap should be no more than 36, for men - no more than 28. The player's handicap is confirmed either by the national Golf Association / Federation, or by the Club of which the player is a member.

So, if you are interested in golf, remember:

  • Golf is a difficult sport. Be constant and consistent if you want to comprehend it.
  • Do not play challenging golf courses with difficult tees until you are ready to do so.
  • Take some lessons with a golf pro.
  • Track your results and progress.

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