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Three Goals to Set When Leaving Alcohol Rehab

Getting back to normality after rehab is one of the most difficult challenges a person faces after going through addiction treatment. It takes hard work, dedication and a strong-willingness to remain in recovery and avoid relapse.

Among the best ways in which you can do that is through setting goals. Many people make the mistake of thinking the goal is to get through the treatment process, and while that is certainly a goal, there are many more that should follow.

Steve Smith, Clinical Director at The River Source, one of a number of alcohol treatment centers in Arizona recently said that many people come into their centers thinking once they have gone through treatment they are cured, and a big part of what they do is educating patients to understand that there will be challenges throughout the rest of their life with addiction, and the goal of staying sober should be ongoing.

It’s a similar story across many other rehab centers, and often they’ll help patients gather a number of goals to set when leaving the center and heading out into the real world…

Get a sponsor or support group

One of the first, and easiest goals you can make, is to immediately find a sponsor or support group upon leaving rehab. Many studies have found that going to groups such as AA can be instrumental in staying on track, providing you with a support group that can help out in the most difficult times of need.

These groups can be a platform to base your sobriety on for the rest of your life.

Commit to a routine and lock it in

Finding structure in your life is always really important upon leaving rehab. By not having it, you increase the chance of stress creeping into your life and that can often lead to relapse.

Within the structure of your day, you should implement the ways of coping you have learnt through rehab, such as yoga and meditation and find periods in your day to practice them. This will help you remain focused, calm and stress free, giving you the best possible chance in recovery.

Get a job that suits your new life

One of the main reasons people suffer from addiction is because of the stress involved in their careers. There’s no point going back to a role that was instrumental in driving you to drugs or alcohol. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Finding a job after rehab can be difficult, and you need to think long and hard about what sort of career you would like, and when exactly you are ready to find that. While we all have bills to pay, jumping straight back into work can cause relapse, so make sure you have set your foundations before you jump into the goal of finding the right work for you.

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