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The Goal of Chiropractic Adjustments


The process of making adjustments using a small tool or hands by specialists called chiropractors is called chiropractic care. The chiropractor Brick NJ applies their methods to the spinal joints and this spinal manipulation can help with physical function, pain, range of motion and more. It is done primarily to treat people with headaches, neck pain and back pain, but it can help with more than that.

Are there risks to seeing a chiropractor?

As long as you see a chiropractor in Point Pleasant who has proper training and a license to operate then it is completely safe. Should you see someone who does not have training or permission to practice then of course that could be dangerous. It is very rare for there to be any serious complications from getting proper chiropractic adjustment. Those rare examples include certain types of strokes after particular neck manipulations, making a disk herniation worse or compressing the nerves in the lower spine. People who should avoid seeing one include those with severe osteoporosis, those with a certain bone abnormality on the neck, having cancer of the spine, having numbness or tingling in limbs and those who have more of a risk of having a stroke.

What can you expect when you visit?

There is no particular preparation you have to do in order to go and get treatment with a chiropractor, Brick, NJ. After you have made an initial visit to answer any questions and undertake an exam you may then need to have certain medical tests done such as an X-ray. After that, they will talk to you about treatment. Your adjustments will be in specific areas identified by the chiropractor. Often you will be in a face-down position on a padded table. They will use small tools or their hands in specific manners in certain places along the spine. You might hear cracking or popping noises. After treatment, some people have some minor side effects such as slight pain, being tired and having headaches.

What results can you expect?

Seeing a chiropractor in Point Pleasant or where you are is a great option to relieve lower back pain as well as to help with other concerns. More and more doctors are referring some patients to a chiropractor for further support and treatment when they are looking for options beyond taking pain medications. It can also help people who suffer from headaches and neck pain. Not everyone responds the same way to treatment. Some people feel relief quickly and some need more sessions. Some might get complete pain relief or range of motion and some might only see smaller improvements. It is safe to try though and worth considering when you are looking for alternatives.


The goal of chiropractic adjustments is to fix spinal misalignment and thereby help with concerns such as backache, neck ache, tension, headaches and so on. As long as you chose a licensed and trained professional it is worth exploring. Take a look at local options and then narrow down your choice from there.

This article is not meant for Diagnostic purposes.

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