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Not All Glass Blunt Pipes Are the Same

Glass Blunt Pipes

Glass blunt pipes are a great alternative for smokers that are both experienced and inexperienced alike. They can replace blunts, rolling papers, bongs, pre-rolled papers, etc. while combining all of their best strengths without the weaknesses. They are sleek and portable, easily reusable, easier to maintain than bongs, and cheaper than bongs as well. But to have the best experience, you need to make sure that you only buy the high quality glass blunt pipes. A low quality glass blunt pipe could be really toxic for your health which could be easily avoided by buying from a reputable seller instead. 

What Are Low Quality Glass Blunt Pipes

First to avoid buying a low quality glass blunt pipe, we need to understand what they are and how they differ from higher quality glass blunt pipes. Low quality glass blunt pipes can contain harmful, cheap metals such as lead for example. Not all users are aware of this issue so it is possible that some have unknowingly bought an inferior product that could be detrimental to their health. There are two main signs to tell if a glass blunt pipe listed for sale may be too good to be true and actually toxic for your health:

  • The glass blunt pipe is made in China

Glass blunt pipes from China are more likely to contain harmful metals.

  • The price is ridiculously low

The price is low because quality checks and safety checks may have been skipped or a lower quality of glass may have been used.

Where to Buy High Quality Glass Blunts From a Reputable Seller

There are unfortunately glass blunt pipes out there that are not up to standard. But don’t fret, sells high quality glass blunt pipes from Canada that do not contain any harmful metals. They have very high standards as far as materials go, keeping users safe so they can focus on what they actually enjoy. This site also sells replacement parts as well, helping you keep your glass blunt pipe for a lifetime instead of having to buy a new one. So you get quality, you get easily available spare parts, and you get one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. So what does it cost? Right now it only costs $30, which is an insane value for what you get. Especially once you factor in the undeniable quality. 

Twisty Glass Blunt Saves Money

It's going to add up fast with how much you're going to save by replacing backwoods. A 5 pack of these cigars can cost up to $15 depending on where you're buying them. Flavored tobacco wraps have been banned in some places alone making them more difficult to acquire. A glass blunt pipe will not only save you money, but it's less harmful too compared to smoking backwoods. They have a reputation for selling the best glass blunt pipe, and have raving reviews online. Enjoy a quality product made with safe material.

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