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5 Things ‘Regular Girls’ Can Learn
from Top Pornstars’ Videos

learn from porn videos

Check out some of the top pornstars’ videos and you might be able to glean more than just sex tips.

So, it’s already been decided - studied and published - that ‘regular girls’, your average, everyday chicks, watch porn. In fact, studies have found that in some instances, women watch nearly as much porn as men do. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find your girlfriend scrolling through the top pornstar’s videos, or some other sort of sultry streaming video you might find on the likes of Porndoe. While this is perfectly natural, exceedingly normal, and entirely understandable - as a chick cruising porn, we have a tendency to pick up on more than just subpar sex tips - we tend to pay attention to the little things, and those little things could just teach us something about how to bring a bit of pornstar prowess into our real lives.

1. It’s Not Just About the Sex

It’s pretty easy, as a female, to sit there watching some porn and ask yourself “does anyone actually enjoy this?” Particularly in mainstream porn, there is a lot of bouncing, a lot of mounting, and a lot of really rapid, sloppy, sex. Now, this may not be your cup of tea in the bedroom - but watching these women genuinely feel sexy in the middle of gangbangs, pile-drives, and particularly uncomfortable looking positions is something to behold. It’s easy to see from any of the top pornstar’s videos that you can feel sexy and empowered, even if you’re not having the sexual style that is your go-to. Which tells us that it’s great to experiment, and enjoy all different types of sex, including perhaps phone sex. For this, check it out here.

2. Enjoy Our Bodies

Body image issues, and beauty standards, have long been a hotly debated issue when it comes to porn and pornstars- but if you take a look at all of the women that are considered actual “pornstars”, you’ll see there’s not really one hard aesthetic that these ladies fall into. There are the girl-next-door types, with tiny waists and even tinier breasts. The classic pornstar chic, with massive breasts to match their big hair and even bigger personalities. Alternative chicks, covered in tattoos and eyeliner thicker than a baby’s arm… realistically, female pornstars make up an entire constellation of what beauty means to each of us, and they own it. Just like we should.

3. What Men Prefer, and What the Ladies Want, Are Two Different Planets

Looking at porn made for women, and what men are mostly watching tells us one major thing- that whole women are from Venus and men are from Uranus, thing hits home, hard. While sexual preference is definitely a mosaicked universe of different preferences, by and large it seems that men and women want different things in the sheets - and the streets. Just check out the clothes that both male and female pornstars wear at the AVN Awards (basically the Oscars of porn). The women will be barely clad, often not wearing much more than 7-inch heels and a suggestion of nip coverage, where the men will be in fine tailored suits, or collared shirts. This actually says a lot about the differences in what men and women gravitate towards when searching for that perfect lay.

4. How to Not Give a F@#k

If there is one thing that every woman on the planet should learn from the top pornstar’s videos - it would be how to not give a damn about other people’s opinions. Pornstars have always gotten a ton of flack for what they do, but it doesn’t seem to drag on them much. They just keep on laughing while counting their piles of money, sitting at their golden desk in their mansions. While not every porn star is filthy rich - a good majority of them are still incredibly business minded, and happily own their life choices. And why shouldn’t they? They literally get paid for orgasms.

learn from porn videos

5. Sexuality is Fluid

Several studies on the type of porn that women prefer show that more women are watching alt-erotica, like lesbian or Asian porn, rather than the mainstream stuff. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re all harboring homosexual tendencies, but instead that what gets you off is a really personal journey. Sexual fantasy doesn’t actually have to translate into our real-life preferences, and those real-life preferences will change as we do. And that is perfectly okay. Porn is something that allows all of us to explore our burgeoning sexual predilections without judgement or expectation. Instead, giving us all the option to play with our feelings and sensualities in a private and safe space. Which isn’t just something the regular gal could learn, but something that everyone should know.

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