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Gifts for Vapers - 6 Vape Gifts
for Him and Her in 2022

Gifts for Vapers

If you have a special person who loves vaping, it is thoughtful to get them gifts to improve their vaping experience. Whether you vape or are just doing your research, note that people have unique preferences for choosing vape gadgets. So, it is good to customize their gift to suit their personality differently. And since there are many options available, you can never fail to impress your loved one.

So, if you are wondering where to start, here are some of the best gift ideas for vapers that will make your search easier.

Disposable Pens

Disposable vapes are among the best gifts for vapes since they are affordable, portable, and easy to use. They need no maintenance or refilling, which is why newbies prefer them. So, if your friend has no experience with vapes gadgets, giving them a disposable pen is a good idea to get them started. Thus, they can always shop keep it 100 vape juice since it doesn't need charging or extra batteries.

Moreover, you can also buy personalized disposable pens wrapped in unique designs. And if you aren't sure what your friend likes, you can request them to pick a style, then have the device personalized. Owning a customized gadget can be fun and make them feel more connected to the vaping experience.

Gifts for Vapers

A Custom Case

A case helps a vape user keep accessories together and protect them from damage. It also ensures the gadget is clean and safe to be placed on the lips.

The good thing about gifting a case is personalizing it to suit the recipient's style. You can imprint the present with trending quotes, images, or with the user's favorite celebrity. On the other hand, you can choose to buy premium quality leather with embossed graphics if you want to keep things classic.

In addition, cases are convenient and make vaping accessories easily portable for individuals who travel frequently.

Extra Charger and Batteries

The main challenge vapers face session interruption when a vape pen battery runs out, so gifting someone a charger or battery is reasonable. This gift can be ideal for users who love attending festivals camping which keeps them away from a source of power for a long time.

A vape user can use an extra charger while in the car or at their favorite local joint, enjoying the evening cocktails with friends. It is also wise to get a charger with a multipurpose adapter compatible with their smartphone; this ensures they only need one charger if they want to step out for some duties.

Giving out a rechargeable battery is also a great idea. It ensures the user's vaping experience is not cut off, and they can set up a charging station at home, on vacation, or at work.

Gifts for Vapers

Variety Vape E-juice

A secret about vape users is that they tend to use the same e-juice for a long time. So, giving various vape liquid flavors is smart as it allows them to try new products.

Considering the wide range of vape juices available, it would be thoughtful if you picked different items and spoiled them with a basket full of e-liquid. Whether your friend likes sweet flavors or minty, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can find combinations of different flavors, enabling the vape user to enjoy both in one session.

And, if you are struggling to select the products available, you can pick flavors depending on your friend's preference in food and sweets.

A Vape Kit

There are hundreds of combinations a vape user can try that are readily available in the market. You can mix different devices with various vape accessories and flavors. All these products provide unique vaping experiences depending on the brands you purchase.

So, giving a new starter kit is excellent for newbie vape users who are scared to try new devices. The kits also come in different shapes and sizes, and if you are working with a tight budget, you can choose to buy small kits since some have amazing flavors and beautiful accessories.

Gifts for Vapers

A Sub-ohm Upgrade

Gifting a sub-ohm to experienced vape users is thoughtful since it allows them to produce thick clouds of vapor. This is why it is preferred by cloud chasers and individuals who want to raise their vaping experience to another level.

Another good thing about sub-ohm vaping is that it increases the e-juice flavor because it inhales more vapor than a regular coil. Also, it can provide a smooth vaping experience since the high voltage results in a powerful nicotine hit.

So, if your friend is an experienced vape user, sub-ohm is the perfect kit that you can choose to gift them.


It can get confusing when choosing the perfect gift for your vaping friend since there are many vape accessories. Whether you want to give them a customized present or a ready-to-use item, you can never go wrong with any of these fantastic gifts. Plus, you can shop online or at your nearby vape shop, whichever is convenient for you.

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