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The Best Gifts for Shooters:
What to Buy a Gun or Rifle Enthusiast

For gun enthusiast

Shooting is a great hobby and a great way to pass the time and relieve stress.

If you've got a gun or rifle enthusiast in your life, you may want to surprise them with a few gifts.

But what can you buy them? Shooters are a very niche group of people, and finding the right gifts for them can be a daunting task.

We've looked around and found the best gifts for shooters.

A Guide to The Best Gifts for Shooters

You want to get something special for the shooter in your life. Make sure you choose something that will enhance their experience with their hobby.

Here are some of the best gifts for gun lovers:

1. Shooting Targets

Nothing is a better gift for a gun owner than a shooting target. Your gun-loving friend may not always be able to make it to the shooting range.

A shooting target can be easily set up in the home or in the backyard. It provides a safe environment for your friend to practice their shooting.

2. Tactical Bipod

This is a great option for a rifle owner who enjoys hunting. The tactical bipod is a stand where you can rest your rifle on. Having this nikon buckmaster 3-9x40 bdc manual makes it easier to focus on a target. Moreover, a night vision rifle scope would also be a great option for their night time adventures.

This is a great accessory that is often overlooked. Nevertheless, it is a great option for rifle users. We suggest that you read more to understand the tactical bipod and why it may be a great gift for any rifle enthusiast.

3. Ammunition Boxes

The gun enthusiast needs a place to stock their ammo. You can opt for an ammunition box where they can store loads of ammo.

The most popular option is to choose an 'ammo can.' These are large boxes that can hold several rounds of ammo as well as gun accessories.

Then there is the question of brass vs. steel ammo – is steel ok – which is the best ammunition for your AR-15?

4. A Trauma Kit

This is a gift that may not be ideal but is necessary. While the gun owners in your life are probably responsible, we all know that accidents can happen. A trauma kit will contain many first-aid materials that can be used if an accident happens.

These materials include bandages and tissue for reducing blood clots. Your gun owner will be grateful that you thought about their safety while considering a gift.

5. Cleaning Mat

A gun enthusiast likes to keep their guns well maintained. A cleaning mat is a great product for making sure that guns are always polished.

Many cleaning mats will also come with diagrams on how to clean different types of guns.

6. Pistol Magazine Loader

Most of the time, the magazine of a gun needs to be loaded manually. This can often be time-consuming and inefficient. A pistol magazine loader expedites this process.

These are portable and can be fit into any small bag. Your gun enthusiast will love it as it is a great way to continuously load their ammunition. It is also an affordable gift, so you can purchase several depending on how many guns they use.

Hunting is one of the arts that is taking shape in the world today. This is because most people take it as a hobby and they do it most during camping. Getting the best FFP scope for the money enables one to get the best hunting experience.

7. A Book on Long Range Shooting

If your gun enthusiast owns a rifle or wishes to get into rifle shooting, they will want to learn about long-range shooting.

Long-range shooting can be complicated and is an art in itself. If you find a great book on the subject, it can help the gun enthusiast learn how to master the art of long-range shooting.

8. Firearm Wall Art

A gun owner is often a gun lover. They have a passion for guns and firearms. It is something that they deeply care about. Why not buy a beautiful work of art that reflects this interest of theirs?

You can find a work of art that depicts firearms. Try to be as creative as you can. Maybe you can find an individual piece of art for each of the guns that your gun-owning friend has. Or maybe you can take a photograph of them holding a gun and then hire a professional artist to create a painting with the photograph as an inspiration.

9. Old Bullets

Sometimes, your gun owner wants to show off their bullets as much as their guns. You can look in pawn shops, vintage shops, or online retailers for old bullets that can no longer be used.

These old bullets can be great collector's items. They can display bullets used from rifles from World War I or II. They can also display bullets that are rare and no longer in circulation. Ask your gun enthusiast if they are passionate about military history and you may be able to figure out what kind of old bullets they would like.

10. Boresnake

Cleaning a gun also includes cleaning the inside of the firearm. It also includes cleaning the barrel of the gun. For this, you will need a Boresnake.

A Boresnake is not a substitute for a thorough cleaning, but it is a portable cleaning device. If the shooter is at a gun range and needs to give the barrel a thorough cleaning then a Boresnake is an item that can be quickly accessed for cleaning.

Borensakes are affordable and easy-to-use. They can fit in a gun bag and are an essential item for any gun lover.

11. A Bouncing Target

Let's return to target practice. While a shooting target is a great purchase for any gun owner, you may also want to consider adding a bouncing target to the mix.

This usually comes in the form of a dense rubber cube. These bouncing targets are usually made for handgun users. A shooter can fire their handgun at the bouncing target to test the strength of the handgun and the bullet.

When shot, the target will bounce to a new location and the shooter will have to fire once again. This helps them practice their speed and accuracy. Bouncing targets also have a self-healing feature so they can last a very long time.

These are a great gift for any gun enthusiast.

Right on Target

Now that you know the best gifts for shooters, you can choose the right ones for the gun enthusiasts in your life.

Be sure to check back daily to read more great content on our website.

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