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Get Vaping and Stop Smoking Today!

The many benefits that people enjoy when they switch from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes are talked about a lot. But did you realize that these improvements will begin right away?

It may be difficult to stop smoking. By consuming nicotine and less of the contaminants that come from burning tobacco, vaping is a way to stop cigarettes. You get to be social, pay less, and you can feel happier for it after you have stopped smoking. Click here to check out some vaping options.

Vaping is much less toxic than smoking, but it is not harmless. But you should expect to avoid vaping finally, too, but only because you realize you are not going to go back to smoke.

Vaping vs. smoking's health consequences

If you are a smoker:

  • The only thing you can do to better your wellbeing is to stop smoking. To help you quit, there is support available.
  • Completely replacing cigarette smoking with vaping will reduce your sensitivity to toxic chemicals.Footnote1
  • If you totally turn from smoking tobacco to vaping goods, there are short-term general health improvements.
  • Vaping is less prejudicial than smoking. Most of the harmful and cancer-causing tobacco compounds and tobacco smoke form as tobacco is burnt.

Products for Vaping do not:

  • Generate smoke
  • Uses tobacco
  • requires burning

Vaping goods usually include, with the exception of nicotine:

  • Of the 7,000 chemicals contained in cigarette smoke, a fraction
  • Higher levels of some smoke-induced toxic chemicals

Vaping to assist with smoking abstinence

It may be tough to stop smoking, however it is possible. Vaping devices and e-cigarettes offer a less risky means of delivering nicotine than smoking cigarettes. For smokers who can not or do not want to stop using nicotine, nicotine products may reduce health risks. Although proof is still emerging, some research shows that the usage of e-cigarettes is consistent with increased performance rates.

When you stop tobacco, you may go through a period of time when both cigarettes and vaping devices are used. Switching from tobacco smoke to vaping will reduce the sensitivity to certain chemicals that are harmful and cancer-causing.

Read on for a timeline telling you exactly what happens to your body as you turn from smoking to vaping.


Your body will start changing 8 hours after you stopped smoking. In reality, the very first visible result of not smoking is noticed during the first few hours: the volume of oxygen in the blood can start to return to regular levels, even though you are still vaporizing.

This is true since there is no carbon monoxide in the smoke that your electronic cigarette creates, as is present in tobacco cigarettes. This allows the body the chance to start detoxifying the carbon monoxide you inhaled so that you will enjoy a larger supply of oxygen in the blood, and this ensures that in several different respects you would actually feel stronger.

After 24 HOURS

Within 24 hours after stopping smoking and beginning vaping, your body may have gotten rid of all of the remaining carbon monoxide in your system. But when they focus on eliminating harmful debris and mucus that formed when you were smoking, the lungs, too, can continue to detoxify.

This is possible when you no longer inhale pollutants and bind to what is still in the bloodstream, because it has a chance to start curing itself and washing itself up at last. And this is true since there are no contaminants the tobacco smoke produces in the vapor created by electronic cigarettes.

Forty-eight hours

Your body will begin to reward you for transitioning to vaping after 48 hours have elapsed and for kicking your cigarette smoking habit. You would also find that your sense of taste has changed around this point, so food and beverages are going to be much more delicious than they have been before you stopped smoking. Your sense of scent will even get more vibrant on top of that, because you will find more fragrances that you skipped out on when you were smoking.

This is all possible because the receptors within your mouth and nose that have been weakened as a consequence of the chemicals in the tobacco you consume would be able to start healing the body.

Seventy-two hours

It should come as no surprise that your body will already be much better after three days, despite all the amazing changes in your body over the span of 48 hours. Many individuals who switch to vaping will notice that their breathing has already started to show improvement by this point in time.

Breathing is better than it was when you were smoking because the tar that clogged and burned your bronchial passages is no longer exposed to you. When these tubes become calm and transparent, ex smokers note an improvement in their energy levels and it is less difficult to breathe.


You should note that wheezing, hacking, and shallow breathing have diminished in severity or gone away whether you remain away from tobacco smoke and continue vaping for 3 to 9 months.

The idea that lung capacity has been able to increase as the body has been forced to clean out the harmful particles that has collected when you were smoking is also attributed to these improvements.

After half a decade

Let us have a peek at the long-term consequences of avoiding smoking now. Your chance of getting a heart attack would have been lowered by about half within five years. The more you go without trying to smoke, the smaller your chance would be. And you do not need to worry if you have been vaping, because vapor created by e-cigs does not affect your heart cells.

10 years

Your lung cancer incidence would decrease by around half of what it was when you were smoking over 10 years. Again, this is because the carcinogens present in tobacco smoke are not released in the e-cig vapor you are inhaling. Your heart disease risk is therefore lowered to about the same as that of someone who has never cigarettes. And if you continue to use e-liquid, which contains nicotine, you can rest assured that the effects on the heart of nicotine are similar to those of caffeine.

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