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Get Out of Addiction Quickly: Useful Tips and Tricks

drugs and addiction

Currently, more than twenty five percent of the global population is directly influenced in a negative manner by dependance on a substance.

Around the world, this is a global problem that sadly, is getting worse every single day. The cost of this concerning issue isn’t only born by the person in addiction or their loved ones. Around the world, it costs communities many billions of dollars to try and manage these challenging issues.

What is addiction?

If you think white powder inhalation is an addiction, as they show in the movies, then you do not have the right idea of addiction by now. Addiction means a physical and mental state where a person becomes dependent on a particular drug or substance. It can be anything like food, video games, sex, study, work, or anything. The regular ingestion or indulgence in position is significant for the consumer. After a certain period, you will feel the urgency to increase the downing and timing to get the same euphoria level with the same drug or substance. It is the definition of addiction by medical experts. At first, you start taking the medication. And soon enough, the drug begins taking all the decisions for you.

Mechanism of addiction

There are thousands of studies trying to unveil the mechanism by which drugs affect our brain and thought process so much. Results are not satisfying yet. Because our brain is very complex and its work process is not transparent ye. But, there are two very famous and acceptable theories regarding dependence and addiction development. The first one says that drugs use our brain's reward center to secret dopamine every time we take medicine. So, it promotes euphoria, and sometimes, we can escape from the rush of reality. You must have seen people saying they smoke to reduce stress. It is the reason behind the statement.

But things are not always as simple as to pleasure and escape. Dopamine is a very potent neurotransmitter. Recently the scientists discovered that dopamine is directly related to the memorization process. So, when you take drugs to forget a bad incident or for trials, your brain adapts the features by then. So, the next time your brain will force you to go back to the drug even in the slightest pressure or discomfort.

Healing process

Drug addiction is a global problem now. Every country, including the most pious ones, are suffering from this problem for ages. Almost all the countries made drugs illegal. And maybe that is the reason it is so demanding everywhere. After all, we feel a strong attraction towards the restrained things. From the points mentioned above, you might think that once someone gets onto drugs, they can't get back. Well, that is not true. Treating addiction is possible, and each year, many people start a new life leaving the dark times behind. But it is challenging. You need professional help for addiction to get out of it.

Emotional stability

We already discussed that the dopamine learning pathway makes your tolerance to any event or pressure very weak. It ultimately you to go back to the drug quickly. So, if you determine to quit drugs, then emotional stability is a must. You need to set a goal and stick to the rules. No from you should only mean negative. It is very tough to maintain. Especially when your body is against your mind, then nothing can be worse. But it would be best if you were very careful about it.

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