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Five Ways to Get Moving for Renewed Life

Movement is a life essential! Movement keeps the blood circulating, keeps the muscles toned, and keeps oxygen flowing in our bodies. This is all well-known information, yet many people are unable to get moving to even realize these benefits. Between strenuous work schedules, excessive leisure schedules, and just plain lack of strength and motivation, so many people are suffering discomfort and illness due to a lack of movement in their lives. Implement these five pathways to get moving and feel refreshed.

Building Blocks

No movement is too small. Start with rotating your wrists and ankles if you must. Do just that for one week. You will find that even the least amount of movement awakens the body and the body's natural inclination towards movement kicks in. You will feel the craving for more movement. Go for it! Swing your arms and legs in the second week, along with the rotations. Start with what you can do and build from there.

Starting small helps you get past the laziness and the illusion that movement is so hard and painful. It allows your body instinct to activate and help move and motivate you. It becomes like an itch you have to scratch. The pleasure your body feels from movement makes you go that extra mile to get more of the same. Movement releases endorphins and increases serotonin levels. Endorphins energize you and serotonin relaxes you. What a pleasant mix.

Consistency Counts

Once you start moving, be consistent with whatever you can do. It doesn't always take a multitude of strenuous movements to effect a positive change. The consistent effort with a small amount of movement will translate into positive results. The idea is to maintain and move forward, as opposed to regress. It is important to be realistic as to what you can handle, and then maintain it until you have the strength and motivation to add on. Whatever little bit you may do, is better than nothing you were doing. Be consistent and create a habit of daily movement.

Handling Special Circumstances

If you happen to be someone who faces special circumstances, such as illness or extreme obesity, you can still embrace the lifesaving movement. Even if you have to start while lying in the bed, it still helps. Even more so, it still builds strength and desire to do more. You can raise your legs and arms and rotate your hips up. So many Yoga and Pilates moves are done from a lying position. These movements incorporate deep breathing to relax and energize your muscles and you barely even realize the strengthening that is taking place, until you look up one day and you're stronger. (You will also be less stressed!)

You can start walking just half a block. That can be a lifesaving half a block that soon becomes one block; then two blocks. You can deep breath while you're strolling and take in the beautiful sights of nature, and this all combines to heal and strengthen. It is fine to start at a slow pace until you feel the energy to walk a little faster. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey.

Create Challenges

When your health is well, it is fun to create challenges for yourself that move you forward in your acquisition of more movement. There is so much fulfillment in reaching goals and proving to yourself "you can"! You can even check out the norm for someone your age and build, and then aspire to be on par.

You can start with three curls of your dumbbells per day and challenge yourself to elevate to seven curls by the end of the month. You can start treading water and challenge yourself to swim one lap in two months. The key here is to be realistic and have fun with it. Pace yourself and delight yourself at every turn.

Find Enjoyment

It is always so much easier to move when you are having fun. There are so many fun things to do to get moving. You can dance, swim, bicycle, skate and play sports. You get so caught up in the fun that you no longer focus on the movement. Your movement becomes your avenue to pleasure. Get active enjoying yourself and renewing your life.

No matter who you are and what stage of life you are in, you can activate these five ways to get moving to improve your health and well-being and renew your life.

About the author:

John J. Gregg is an experienced essay writer on where he provides students with an opportunity to get high grades. Besides, He is fond of reading and playing the guitar. By the way, John dreams of traveling a lot and visiting as many countries as possible.

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