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Read This Before You Get Your Eyebrow Threaded

Over the years, with the rising popularity of microblading, we have been getting too much credit for it. An eyebrow specialist in Adelaide says that eyebrows threading is a better method than eyebrow microblading, and it is eyebrow threading.

Get Your Eyebrow Threaded

Threading is a concept that began in Asia and has existed for centuries. If you are threading your eyebrows in Adelaide, you need to ensure that you reach out to professionals.

Things to know before getting eyebrow threaded

According to eyebrow specialists in Adelaide at Alexia, eyebrow threading is absolutely worth it. However, certain people don't know many things about it. Whether you have done eyebrow threading or getting it done for the first time, here are some things that you should know:

It is less painful

Many people love microblading because it is less painful. Well, guess what? Eyebrow feathering in Adelaide is equally less painful. Eyebrow threading may feel like a small tinge every time the thread touches your brows, but it will never be painful.

People who are getting their eyebrows threaded for the first time will often feel anxious. However, the best thing to do in such a situation is to reach out to an eyebrow specialist in Adelaide.

Easy maintenance

If you have got microblading done, you probably know how painful it can be to maintain your brows, and this is mostly because you need to undergo a checkup once every three to six months. Many people prefer eyebrow tweezing, and however, this process won't help remove the small unwanted hair.

Tweezing can lead to faster growth of the eyebrow hairs, which can be annoying. Unlike that process, threading eyebrows in Adelaide can help to ensure better removal of eyebrows. If you opt for eyebrow threading, you can easily maintain it. If there is small unwanted hair growth, you can opt for tweezing at home itself.

Unlike microblading and other processes, eyebrow maintenance from threading can be pretty easy. You can work on reshaping the eyebrows once every four to five weeks.

It is affordable

One of the main reasons people should go for eyebrow threading is because it is affordable. You may prefer eyebrow waxing, but it can be very painful. On the other hand, eyebrow threading is a far more accessible and affordable procedure.

No matter which eyebrow specialist in Adelaide you go to, the price for waxing and threading will always be the same. The price for feathering eyebrows in Adelaide will vary from $10-$40. Therefore, you can make your choice accordingly.

Eyebrow threading is quick

Reaching out to an eyebrow specialist in Adelaide will ensure it is done quickly. Many eyebrow professionals will ensure they get the process done easily and quickly.

When you get eyebrow threading done, the professionals will pull out the hair growth in less than 10-15 minutes. However, you should know that the process will also depend on your hair growth, and you should consider talking to the specialist before getting the entire process done.

The best part about eyebrow threading is that if your brows are in good shape, the entire process can take significantly less time.

Eyebrow threading is a hygienic process

Unlike other processes, eyebrow threading is very hygienic and can be efficient. Many people prefer eyebrow threading over eyebrow waxing because it is a healthy sanitation process.

If you want to get eyebrow threading done, you need to visit a reputable salon. Alexia ensures that they follow a completely safe process. As a result, they opt for the most sanitary or healthy hair removal process.

You obviously do not want to get any infection when you're getting your brows done. Eyebrow threading ensures that the company isn't using the same thread on every client. This plays an important role in reducing the need for constant threading. Furthermore, it also protects against a wide range of infections.

Threading gives a better shape

One major reason you should go for eyebrow threading is that it gives a better shape. In the case of eyebrow threading, the strands are plucked individually with complete precision, ensuring no damage to your hair follicles.

The eyebrow specialist in Adelaide at Alexia ensures that they are shaping your brows properly. With the help of eyebrow threading, you can create better arches.

Don't wear eye makeup during threading

Who doesn't love bold, statement eye makeup? Before going out for an appointment, many people prefer getting some makeup done. Although it isn't that big of a deal, it can be not very pleasant when you're getting eyebrows done in Adelaide.

Exfoliate before the appointment

Before you go to get your eyebrows done, the best thing to do is ensure proper exfoliation. Exfoliate the skin around the brows to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Furthermore, threading will need you to do a pre-appointment ready in many cases. You may want to opt for a follow-up appointment if you feel itchy. In such cases, you should go for a follow-up appointment within 2-4 weeks from the first session.

Eyebrow threading helps to remove hair gently

Eyebrow threading poses lesser chances of irritation than waxing, and there is no need for straining or pulling. Comparatively, threading is an easy process that proves to be helpful for your acne-prone skin. Rarely will waxing lead you to your brows becoming red. Furthermore, it isn't that extensive a procedure, so many people prefer threading over waxing or microblading.


Getting proper threading from an eyebrow specialist can prove beneficial. Alexia is one of the leading salons backed with professionals. Clients can schedule their appointment, and the eyebrow specialist will ensure to fix the problem in no time. However, remember to do a pre-appointment discussion before opting for the process.

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